6 Latinas to Follow to Strengthen Your Spirituality

Latinas in spirituality

This year has barely started and we have already gone through a few spiritual portals. The most recent one 2/22/22 was a day packed with undeniable energy and it has left us wanting to create a deeper connection with our spirits. During the last year many of you might have gotten in touch with your inner bruja in uncertain times, reading up on your horoscope or googling why the number 1111 keeps showing up.

However, we know that spirituality is much more than a quick internet search. As astrology gains popularity, we are reminded that the Latinx community has always had strong spiritual and wellness practices. Oftentimes these are passed on from our indigenous and African ancestral lines, making them a ritual that feels more like coming home than a new practice.

For these reasons and more, we’re giving you a list of 6 Latinx spiritual and wellness mujeres to follow.

Jasmin Alejandrez-Prasad

Astrology plays a large role in some spiritual practices, so if you’re looking for an expert that is serving real knowledge on the stars and numerology, Jasmine Alejandrez-Prasad (known as Esoteric Esa on social) is your go-to. From providing knowledge about astrological cycles to better understand your life, to numerology resources, Esa is a great practitioner to help you uncover your best self.

Brujas of Brooklyn

Dr. Miguelina Rodriguez and Dr. Griselda Rodriguez-Solomon are some of the most well-known names in the Latinx spiritual community as they strive to educate and heal women using indigenous techniques. Known as the Brujas of Brooklyn, these Afro-Latinas are kicking down spiritual barriers to empower you to release your inner bruja.

Melanie Santos

Looking for a spiritual guide that also focuses on social change? Melanie Santos is your girl. From focusing on intentional living to drive social change to educating her followers on how to empower themselves using ancient and modern practices, she does it all. This is a definite follow if you’re looking for ways to utilize self-care to rebuild your spiritual foundation.


Panquetzani is the name of Indigemama, a jack of all trades when it comes to feminine health. Working as a holistic womb counselor and wellness coach, Panquetzani serves to educate women on seeing their womb as a sacred passageway that connects the divine and Earth through it. Ancestral healing is at the core of her teachings to achieve balance between yourself, the Earth, and your family.

Tatianna Tarot

If you’re searching for someone to guide you through the art of all that is tarot, look no further than Tatianna Morales. A Puerto Rican tarot master, Tatianna works to help you understand the value of reading your own tarot cards and using that knowledge to inspire you.

Gen Kahlo Tarot

And to bring you some more tarot goodness, you have to check out Gen Kahlo. She is an amazing intuitive tarot guide, who is also part of the Luz membership community! Check out her 2/22/22 for a reading on how you can keep using the energy of the 2/22/22 portal!

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