Brown Girls Guide to Politics Podcast Releases Women’s March Bonus Episode

A’shanti F. Gholar

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Host A’shanti F. Gholar started The Brown Girls Guide to Politics (BGG) podcast in 2018 as a way to develop a community for women of color to discuss politics; whether it’s sharing tips on how to get involved or discussing important issues. Gholar is the Political Director for Emerge America and has worked in politics for 15 years. included Gholar on their list of 20 Women of Color in Politics to Watch in 2020, and Marie Claire recently featured BGG on their best of political podcasts list.

Gearing up for the Women’s March this weekend, Gholar talked with Luz Collective’s Lucy Flores who joined fellow Women’s March Board of Directors Isa Noyola and Samia Assed for a bonus edition of BGG. They discuss their motivation behind their political engagement and what they are hoping to achieve with the Women’s March.

The first Women’s March took place the day after President Donald Trump’s inauguration in 2017. The march ended up becoming the largest single day protest in the history of the United States when millions of people marched across the country to protest the President’s derogatory remarks towards women and people of color. Thousands of people are expected to march again at the 2020 Women’s March on Saturday, January 18th.

Gholar spoke with Assed, who is the board chair for the City of Albuquerque Human Rights board and a Palestinian Muslim-American grassroots feminist who addresses anti-racism and Xenophobia.

Noyola is a translatina activist and the deputy director at Mijente, a political and digital grassroots hub for Latinx and Chicanx organizers. She challenges oppressive systems against trans and queer immigrants and people of color.

Flores was one of the first Latinas elected to the Nevada legislature when she served as a Nevada State Assemblywoman in 2010. She started the Luz Collective to bring authentic stories about Latinas to mainstream media and to help dismantle Latina stereotypes.

Listen to the BGG bonus episode at the BGG website or through Apple Podcasts, Spotify or Stitcher.

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