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Graphic design featuring four Latina designer experts in home decor.

In the realm of interior design, the touch of Latine artisans has added a vibrancy that's both timeless and refreshing. Let’s go on a journey through the works of some iconic Latina designers, each bringing her unique flair to the table:

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Thoughtful Latina girl observing a blonde, light-skinned doll

In the world where a child grows and learns, the toys they play with and the media they consume significantly influence their understanding of themselves and their surroundings. As they immerse themselves in these playful realities, they instinctively draw parallels between their personal experiences and those of the characters they encounter.

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Portrait of a vibrant Latin woman in a colorful shirt against a sunny yellow backdrop.

The way we live today, with all its consumerism and social norms, can be traced back to the industrial revolution. This period of rapid change led to the rise of capitalism, a system that emphasizes profit and the production of goods on a massive scale.

As capitalism took hold, it brought with it a culture of greed and a constant need to sell and produce more. This drive for profit also led to the birth of many of the social norms and stereotypes we still see today.

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