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sticker packs

We all know how badass we are, but sometimes we have to let the world know. Does your badassery grow exponentially when you declare it to the world? Experts say yes. And we explain.

See, when you declare your existence to the world and channel that energy into the universe, it radiates from within. And also, so do your phone cases, water bottles, and/or laptops - we’re only half kidding.

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Latina mom

Mother’s Day is today in the U.S (May 8th) and May 10th on most parts of Latin America, and we can’t help but think about all the things our mamás told us growing up. All of their advice, thoughts and opinions often came unsolicited, but we’re thankful for them and all of the wisdom they constantly shared with us growing up.

Here are a few of the things we can now laugh about and even share with our own kids because to be honest, some of these are so true!

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person holding white petaled flower

‘Plant parenting’ has been on the rise ever since the beginning of the COVID pandemic. The idea that you can grow and care for plants is symbolic of the way in which life goes on even during very difficult times. This feeling that everything will be okay is represented in the plants that you so carefully tend to.

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