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A grandmother cooking in her kitchen

We all love the smell of coming home from a long day to find our family cooking some of our favorite Latino meals. From homemade tortillas to tostones, our families have typically carried on cooking some of the most traditional foods from our origin countries to curb their cravings. Whether you just simply want to learn more about making foods from other countries or just want to be able to make recipes on your own, our list of our favorite Latino cooking accounts is here to save the day.

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a grandmother looking disapproving and a granddaughter looking bewildered while having lunch outdoors

Growing up, our mamas cared for us and kept us safe in any way they possibly could, from coming up with the strangest homemade remedies (that, of course, always worked…or did they?) to stern warnings for just about everything. Many of which we’ve carried on to adulthood, like not stepping descalzos on the floor to avoid catching a cold!

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Latine woman surrounded by plants indoors

‘Plant parenting’ has been on the rise ever since the beginning of the COVID pandemic. The idea that you can grow and care for plants is symbolic of the way in which life goes on even during very difficult times. This feeling that everything will be okay is represented in the plants that you so carefully tend to.

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