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Ashley K Stoyanov Ojeda and her book "Jefa In Training"

The road to success for an entrepreneur is often a rollercoaster. Just getting started is often scary and daunting. As Latinas, many of us tend to inherit the "scarcity mentality" and our families and friends who often mean well, discourage us from setting off on a path different from their own. They say things like it's not dependable, or it's too hard, or what if we fail? Despite that, Latinas are now, more than ever, building successful businesses and have been leading the way for several years now.

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Latinas are Rejecting Pressure to Get Married and Have Children
Photo by Omar Lopez on Unsplash
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Generally speaking, family is significant in Latino culture. Our traditions and customs usually involve lots of family and family time. Even extended families like second cousins are important and influential people in our lives. Often when you come from these Latino family dynamics, you may find yourself feeling like you have to live up to all the different standards set for you, which of course, can end up becoming severe sources of stress.

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