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The Latinx community is an extremely diverse group- in race, languages spoken, and country of origin. Latinx people have many intersecting identities, like identifying as LGBTQ+, belonging to different racial/ethnic identities (e.g., Afro-Latinxs), and diversity in immigration status or religious beliefs. They have unique mental health challenges that set them apart from other populations. Mental health issues, like serious mental illness, depression, suicide, and substance use, are steadily on the rise in Latinx communities.

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illustration of a name tag that says Hello, I'm Hispanic Latino Latinx Latine all crossed out with the word confused under them all
Identity labels are ever-illusive as they change through generations and as people struggle to identify with the categorcial boxes. The way people identify is constantly evolving and as long as people keep changing and expressing how they feel, the labels will change, especially in such a misunderstood and complex community like “Latinos.”
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Actors Zendaya and Colman Domingo and singer Lizzo stand close to eachother posing for a picture
Credit: Coleman Domingo's Instagram @kingofbingo

The Emmy Awards always stirs up excitement amongst fans when their favorite artists are nominated. With fan favorites and meme-worthy shows like “Euphoria” and “Stranger Things,” what’s not to be excited about? What’s not exciting is how once again, Latinos were largely absent from the nominations despite incredible performances by Latino actors.

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photos of various TikTok influencers posing for the camera with latino food and beverages
When “Un Verano Sin Ti” was released earlier this summer by Latino reggaeton superstar Bad Bunny, the onslaught of TikTok trends that resulted from it wasn’t a surprise. A specific lyric from the modern Puerto Rican anthem “El Apagón,” that says, “ahora todos quieren ser Latinos” (meaning “now they all want to be Latinos”) has struck a chord with fans everywhere.
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