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woman looking at her laptop in shock

This article is part of a series sponsored by and developed in partnership with Known Holdings: a new kind of finance company that manages money and assets for people who see the opportunity in generating wealth and growth for communities of color.

Congratulations—you have just been named the recipient of some much-needed and well-deserved funding!

The bad news? Well, now you need to be on high alert for cyber scams. That press release listing you as a recipient of a major award may have put a bullseye on your back. Your name and the award have probably landed you on the radar of some hackers.

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women in a soccer field wearing black and pink uniforms waving to their fans
Meg Oliphant, Getty Images

After more than ten years, Los Angeles finally has a women’s soccer team back in the city. Angel City FC made its official debut in the National Women’s Soccer League (NWSL) in 2022, and now it’s time to see what they did right and how they can improve both on and off the field.

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seven latina women dressed in red smile at the camera
photo courtesy of erenzia beauty

Latinas, at the center of it all,” headlines the “About Us” page of the new haircare and fragrance brand erenzia. They’re not wrong. For beauty brands, Latinas have used their massive trillion-dollar purchasing power to throttle the industry for at least a decade.

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