Michelle Barboza-Ramirez is helping the next generation of BIPOC and queer students see their unique identities as assets to the field.

Authors and agents say more support is needed at all levels of publishing to ensure speculative fiction books by Latinx authors get the attention they deserve.

From “Real Women Have Curves” to “One Day at a Time,” Latina women have been in front of the fight for representation in coming-of-age films.

What do they do to keep them on the path of success?

In The Community

a community laughing together

Sometimes, we’re so busy with our day to day we forget each of us has the power to weave conscious actions into our routines, reflecting the love and pride we carry for our roots. It's not about large gestures or monumental events; it's in the subtle, daily choices we make and the ways we express ourselves. It's in how we show up for our community and ourselves.

Here are some mindful actions to weave into our daily routine that can create ripples of positive change:

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