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Remember when sci-fi shows and movies from the 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s showed us technology we never thought possible? This new food oven is basically a “Jetsons” food cooker, well, close to it anyway. National Technology Day (January 6th) recognizes all the ways technology has changed the world so far, from the invention of the wheel to artificial intelligence. It also looks to the future, highlighting new technological advances that will eventually change our lives.

And what’s cooler than the advent of new technology? We’d argue it’s the recent significant growth in the number of Latinas working in the technology industry.

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collage design with portraits of incredible Latin American women

In a world abundant with challenges, particularly for the Latino community, these women, burdened with representing millions of voices, but taking on the challenge as best they could, stand out as genuine heroines. They don’t have capes or supernatural powers, but they stand out with their steadfast courage, unwavering dedication, and the remarkable ability to shape the course of history.

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portrait of tattoo artist Maria Fernanda Ramirez and samples of her work

Maria Fernanda Ramirez is a tattoo artist who has created quite a buzz. Her unique embroidery tattoo designs look so realistic that they genuinely seem to be embroidered into the skin. Their life-like quality has her booked out months and even years in advance. See why:

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