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Colorful and diverse graphic of a young Latin woman with a map of Central and South America displaying each country's name.

This article republishedfrom The Daily Californian with permission.

It’s tricky navigating this world as a Latina with the last name Haas.

For some, I am too brown, and for others, I am not brown enough. My Spanish doesn’t roll smoothly off the tongue. My skin golden and illuminated under the sun doesn’t blush and blister, and my hair is both curly and straight — not knowing what to choose.

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Graphic design featuring Latine food dish photos overlaid on a world map

Food is much more than the substance that feeds us. It is a living narrative that threads cultures, migrations, exchanges, memories, and emotions. Every bite we take is packed with stories; every smell we perceive evokes memories. I am convinced that when food comes into our lives and into our mouths, it permeates who we are, it stays living in our memory and, without us realizing it, it joins the whole that defines us.

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latine grandmother teaching her granddaughter

There wasn’t a day in my life that I did not see mujeres being industrious, enterprising, savvy, and hard-working. The story of my life is lined up with mujeres who fit this description, and I really don’t think that I am an exception. Latinas, especially those that grew up in Latin America, can probably tell stories like mine below:

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