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a mother talking to her little daughter while the daughter sits in a sofa

First things first: I’m a “mande” girlie. That’s just how my mama raised me, even though I won’t say it’s right.

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indigenous woman wearing traditional costume
Human rights abuses are a day-to-day occurrence for Indigenous people. White-centric, racist and colonialist views, and traditions have made sure of that. Colonialism started with the European invasion, where they made sure to impose their religion, traditions, and ideals at all costs. In addition to the barbaric violence used for their colonial gains, they also brought a wide array of illnesses that killed millions of Indigenous people. The profound injustice began here with the almost total genocide of their people while taking their land and as much culture as they could from them.
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an image of a girl in a first communion ceremony

I was inducted into the Catholic faith pretty much straight out of the womb, starting off at this Catholic primary school in Mexico when I was just six years old. I was pure Play-Doh back then, ready to be shaped and molded. There I was, learning the Holy Bible like it was basic arithmetic or the ABCs.

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