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Graphic design featuring characters from a Latin soap opera set against a backdrop of a cautionary yellow tape bearing the word 'warning'.
Luz Media

One day, after being relentlessly bullied by some kid in elementary school, I went to my mom to complain about the situation, only to be met with an excuse I will probably hear for the next 10 years of my life, “te molesta porque le gustas”…excuse me, WHAT?

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Colorful and diverse graphic of a young Latin woman with a map of Central and South America displaying each country's name.

This article republishedfrom The Daily Californian with permission.

It’s tricky navigating this world as a Latina with the last name Haas.

For some, I am too brown, and for others, I am not brown enough. My Spanish doesn’t roll smoothly off the tongue. My skin golden and illuminated under the sun doesn’t blush and blister, and my hair is both curly and straight — not knowing what to choose.

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illustration of a group of women's fists raised in the air that refers to the feminist movement

I am always shocked when I hear someone say they’re not a feminist or even say that the feminist movement is this crazy new world ideology. It isn't a "trend" or something that is done to be "edgy."

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