5 Latina DIY Accounts to Follow

DIY Latinas smiling
Some of us have taken this past year to get more in touch with our creative sides. You might have taken up interior decorating or learned to make your own bread. Whether you’re looking for some inspo for your own DIYs or just looking to find people crafting to be therapeutic, we’re recommending some of our favorite Latina DIY accounts to follow and get those creative juices flowing.

Crafty Chica

From working with clay to simpler do it yourself projects, Kathy from Crafty Chica can meet all of those creative needs. Located in Phoenix, Arizona, this Mexicana uses her time to guide others through her own project recommendations and personal works. Do you see those concha flats? We’re obsessed!

Monica Benavidez

If you’re ballin’ on a budget and looking for exciting ways to utilize thrift store finds to elevate a space, look no further than DIY blogger Monica Benavidez. Amazing before and afters fill her account and provide endless tips on decorating your space in a frugal fashion – without anyone ever knowing the difference!

The Latina Next Door

Some of us have tried mastering the art of making home decor, and with the help of Yami, The Latina Next Door, you can! She provides ton of projects and DIY projects to make your home go from 0 to 100.

Melissa Sews

Ever wanted to get into sewing your own clothes but lack the resources to do so? Melissa Mora is here to save the day with her knowledgeable videos and tutorials on how to begin sewing. From basics to more advanced garments, she has tons of content for all skill level.

Tried and True

Vanessa Barraza Brady is the jefa behind Tried and True Blog, an awesome do it yourself account focused on Dia De Los Muertos, Cricut files, and so much more. Festive wreaths and other crafts dominate her feed and are sure to inspire you to come up with your own projects!

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