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Latin woman braids the hair of a younger companion against the backdrop of a Caribbean beach.

Hairstyles have always been about more than just aesthetics. They’re a symbol of ethnicity, religion, social status, resistance, and more. Through them, ethnic and cultural groups have been able to reclaim their identities in the past and the present. Hair braids are one of those empowering hairstyles that have stood the test of time.

The art of hair braids isn’t specific to one culture or people because it has existed everywhere in many forms, including Ancient America. Mummies hundreds or thousands of years old have been found wearing braids, such as the Pre-Columbian Mummy “Juanita” of Peru.

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Smiling businesswoman in a corporate setting, juxtaposed with an old portrait symbolizing traditional marriage.

In the United States, societal attitudes toward marriage are evolving, evidenced by a significant decrease in marriage rates – dropping from a robust 76.5% in 1970 to a modest 31% today – this trend spans various communities, including the Latino community, which is actively challenging conventional norms, reshaping roles, and forging new paths in their conceptions of love and family.

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A grandmother cooking in her kitchen

We all love the smell of coming home from a long day to find our family cooking some of our favorite Latino meals. From homemade tortillas to tostones, our families have typically carried on cooking some of the most traditional foods from our origin countries to curb their cravings. Whether you just simply want to learn more about making foods from other countries or just want to be able to make recipes on your own, our list of our favorite Latino cooking accounts is here to save the day.

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