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astrologer La Bruja del 305 stands with tarot cards fanned in her hand in front of purple toned large sequined wall

The first Mercury retrograde of 2024 runs from April 1 to 25. Mercury entered its pre-retrograde shadow on March 18, so if you're already feeling a bit of the unanticipated chaos, that's the reason why. So how does this affect Latinas, who let's be honest, some tend to have a bit more chaos than others. Does the retrograde hit a little differently for Latinas? Luz Media caught up with Luz Community contributor Sisther Pravia to ask the clarifying questions we all need right now.

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Graphic design featuring four Latina designer experts in home decor.

In the realm of interior design, the touch of Latine artisans has added a vibrancy that's both timeless and refreshing. Let’s go on a journey through the works of some iconic Latina designers, each bringing her unique flair to the table:

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Thoughtful Latina girl observing a blonde, light-skinned doll

In the world where a child grows and learns, the toys they play with and the media they consume significantly influence their understanding of themselves and their surroundings. As they immerse themselves in these playful realities, they instinctively draw parallels between their personal experiences and those of the characters they encounter.

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