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2022 is coming and going like it started, with some whiplash of what is happening??? But now that the world seems to be adapting to the “new normal” as we try to co-exist with that unpredictable virus, Ms. Rona, it’s not too late to buy yourself some tickets for the ongoing Latinx tours that kicked off this year. There’s so many, our wallets are already crying.

From returning classics to shows that people are selling kidneys for (we’re kidding…we hope), here are the tours you won't want to miss. Get to these while you still can before the next apocalyptic event pops off.

La Ultima Vuelta World Tour

This is a classic you absolutely cannot miss because once this happens, it’s gone forever. The O.G. of the reggaeton O.G.’s, the man who coined the term reggaeton, Daddy Yankee will be giving us his last world tour. He announced his retirement from the music world, but not without giving us a world tour that we definitely can't miss. His retiring album Legendaddy is filled with banger after banger so you can only imagine how awesome the shows will be.

Bad Bunny's World Hottest Tour

Bad Bunny’s tour is now well into its second leg, and if you have tried to get tickets to the shows that have already happened, you’ve been witness to how he has sold out stadiums without breaking a sweat. But fear not, there’s still a few dates coming up in the U.S., and towards the middle and end of the year there are shows coming up in Latin America so….a trip to the motherland + Bad Bunny concert does sound like the perfect vacation. But please don’t try to sell any kidneys on the black market. We’re certain El Conejo Malo wouldn't want you to do that.

Karol G

She started her tour in 2021 with shows in the U.S. that left people wanting more but Ms. G has now descended upon Latin America for the second part of her tour. But don’t worry if Latin America is a tad far away for a weekend getaway because she’ll also be performing at Coachella and we’ve heard California is pretty easy to get to. Not only has she sold out show after show so far, but she’ll now also be part of the group of Latinx artists that will take over one of the world’s biggest music festivals.

Other Latino artists who’ll be at Coachella are Annita, Nicki Nicole, Pabllo Vittar, Nathy Peluso, Alaina Castillo, and La Banda MS. Other Latino artists who’ll be at Coachella are Annita, Nicki Nicole, Pabllo Vittar, Nathy Peluso, Alaina Castillo, and La Banda MS.


Camilo Tickets, 2022 Concert Tour Dates | Ticketmaster

Any fans of romantic music around here? This one’s for you. Camilo has been no stranger to hit records in the past years, with his music reaching beyond Latin American audiences. Therefore, it makes total sense that his latest tour includes shows across the U.S. and Europe, so if you’re ready to belt out his songs and ugly-cry like you do in your car, now’s your chance.

Infinity Tour Nicky Jam

Nicky Jam Tickets, 2022 Concert Tour Dates | Ticketmaster

Another returning classic, Nicky Jam has become one of the most iconic names in the Reggaeton genre and with good reason. His songs are almost always bangers that radio stations can't seem to stop playing and we can't stop from adding to our playlists. His tour includes various shows across the U.S. so if you’ve been wanting to hear Hasta El Amanacer live, now's the time.

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