See How this Mexican Tattoo Artist’s Designs Bring Embroidery to Life

Pictured: Maria Ramirez tattoo designs and a picture of Maria Ramirez
Maria Fernanda Ramirez is a tattoo artist who has created quite a buzz on social media. Her unique embroidery tattoo designs look so realistic that, at first glance, they genuinely seem to be embroidered into the skin. See for yourself.

Her designs highlight the beauty of Mexican tradition and culture with bright, eye-catching colors that transport you to the streets of Mexico. In an interview with Mujer Mexico, Maria Fernanda shares how she taught herself how to tattoo while studying psychology and visual plastic arts in college. Her friends started asking her for illustrations for their tattoos, so this inspired the idea of becoming a tattoo artist herself. Practice combined with determination got her to where she is today.

After leaving Mexico, she used traditional Mexican embroidery for her design inspiration and as a way to stay connected with her roots. Nowadays, she’s booked and busy but never forgets her first embroidery tattoo of a bright floral design that reminded her of the pieces she would embroider with her Abuela. She hasn’t had any difficulty in finding people that want her designs permanently inked on their skin. In fact, her appointment book has been closed since May of 2022 because she was overwhelmed with demand.

If you want a tattoo that looks like someone took to a needle and thread instead of an ink gun to your skin, you’re going to have to wait for her appointments to open up again. In the meantime, you can follow her on Instagram at @Fertattoo2406 to take a look at more of her unique designs.

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