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Meet the TikTok Queens Bringing Cultura to Your Cooking

Some of us have a natural affinity for cooking. We measure with our eyes and hearts rather than going by a recipe’s measurements. Whether you’re skilled (or not) in the kitchen, check out these TikTok accounts for your next cultura meal inspiration or cooking lesson.

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Graphic design featuring Latine food dish photos overlaid on a world map

Food is much more than the substance that feeds us. It is a living narrative that threads cultures, migrations, exchanges, memories, and emotions. Every bite we take is packed with stories; every smell we perceive evokes memories. I am convinced that when food comes into our lives and into our mouths, it permeates who we are, it stays living in our memory and, without us realizing it, it joins the whole that defines us.

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The atmosphere of a Latin American gastronomic festival and photographs of typical dishes from the region

Ever wanted to taste all those delicious dishes you see on your IG feed? Well, if you're in search of Latin American flavor along with some international travel, hit up their food festivals. Think bold and spicy Mexican flavors and tasty Caribbean creations. It's not just about the food; it's a whole vibe, mixing flavors with a hefty dose of cultura.

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