Two Jefas, One Mission: Luz + The Everyday Jefa

Two Jefas, One Mission: Luz + The Everyday Jefa

As an immigrant from El Salvador, I’ve made it my mission to create spaces where no Latina ever feels like they don’t belong, or can’t find what they need in order to achieve their chosen life purpose. I’ve been guided for a very long time with the idea that if you can’t find it, be brave enough to build it or become it.

This is why I created The Everyday Jefa. Jefa is a Spanish term used to describe women who are bosses in their lives. No matter what image comes to mind when thinking of the word “jefa,’ I firmly believe that we are ALL Jefas no matter what we’re doing in our lives - it’s about fully living out the Jefa spirit. You can find Jefas at home, in college, working in Corporate America, or aspiring to be the next Latina heavy-weight champion - the examples are everywhere.

As a first-gen entrepreneur, I know personally how hard we work to achieve our goals and dreams. As a mother, I understand what it’s like trying to raise our kids to feel safe, seen, and supported, and as an immigrant, I know how important it is to have a community to share OUR stories with.

It’s for all these reasons and more that I’m excited to partner The Everyday Jefa with Luz Media, where I’ll be a Co-Partner and Director of Community because we both work towards the same goal… to empower and share Latina stories. Luz and The Everyday Jefa will continue to bring you inspiring stories, empowerment, connections, and events to fuel your spirit, but most importantly of all, a more inclusive and expanded community - because Unidas Somos Mejores.

We’re here to bring you more of what you need and create a space where we can feel and be authentically us. I hope you’ll join us. Check out the community, and don't miss out on the exciting things to come.


Bessy Martinez

chocolate pouring in white mug

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