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a woman eating bread at a table surrounded by other people at a restaurant

Article reposted with permission from The Health Hub

Saturated fats are another topic that has stirred up controversy in the field of nutrition for quite some time.

The government recommends limiting saturated fat consumption to less than 10% of total energy intake to reduce the risk of heart disease, but there is a growing number of people encouraging the consumption of more saturated fat...

Who is right?

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A three photo collage featuring plant-based vegan latina chefs Wendy Garcia, Cecilia Flores, and Jasmine Hernandez

When it comes to Latine cuisine, it's often characterized by its broad spectrum of flavors and ingredients, including succulent meats, protein-rich legumes, and the creamy delight of cheeses. This palette of tastes creates a culinary experience that's diverse, indulgent, and inherently satisfying. However, the tapestry of Latine cooking has always been more multifaceted than it appears, with a history steeped in an array of plant-based meals.

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