7 Best Latina Fitness Coaches Inspiring Health and Wellness

Latina performing fitness exercises

Hey, amigas! Ready to get inspired by some fierce Latinas in fitness? These incredible women are not just about breaking a sweat; they're about embracing a full-on lifestyle of health, wellness, and self-love. From workout routines that will kick your butt but also make it stronger to motivational affirmations, these Latina fitness coaches serve motivation like no one else. Whether you’ve already started a fitness journey or are preparing for it, here are the 7 best Latina fitness coaches to check out:

Yami Mufdi

Portrait of Latina Fitness Coach Yami Mufdi

Photo by yamimufdi on Instagram

Yami Mufdi is of Dominican and Palestinian descent and she’s a certified health, yoga, and fitness expert. She has amassed almost 180k followers on Instagram and she’s active on YouTube, uploading lifestyle vlogs and workout routines. Mufdi has guided thousands of women become the best versions of themselves by sharing the joy of movement and educating them about healthy fitness. As a fitness coach, she’s dedicated to helping women embrace their inner strength and lead more fulfilling lives.

Massy Arias

Portrait of Latina Fitness Coach Massy Arias

Photo by massy.arias on Instagram

Massy Arias is a Dominican health coach and certified personal trainer. She’s a successful fitness influencer with 2.9M followers on Instagram and she champions a holistic approach. Arias combines strength training with mental wellness, so she’s a great source of inspiration, motivation, and advice to stay on track. She has inspired millions of people to pursue healthier, happier lives, so she’s one of the top Latina fitness coaches to keep an eye on. Her workout routines are available on YouTube for free, but she also has challenges and programs for sale if you want to take it to the next level.

Sascha Fitness

Portrait of Latina Fitness Coach Sascha Fitness

Photo by saschafitness on Instagram

Sascha Barboza, also known as Sascha Fitness, is the queen of Venezuelan fitness with 5.6M followers on Instagram. She has made quite a name for herself as a certified personal trainer and nutrition guru. Her social media is always a source of motivation, healthy meal ideas, workouts, and advice. With a booming supplement business and best-selling books, Sascha's influence stretches across Latin America. Her journey from postpartum weight loss to winning fitness competitions proves that fitness is a lifestyle, not a trend, and she’s happy about showing people the way to achieve that lifestyle and improved health.

Lyzabeth Lopez

Portrait of Latina Fitness Coach Lyzabeth Lopez

Photo by lyzabethlopez on Instagram

Lyzabeth Lopez is the brains behind the Hourglass Workout, a program that has helped over 100K women lose weight, shape sexy curves, and build healthy habits. As a registered nutritionist and certified personal trainer, Lopez has turned her passion into a fitness brand and she has made a big impact in the lives of many women struggling with their body image, health, and self-esteem. With 1.5M followers, her Instagram is a good source of tips, nutritional knowledge, and workout inspo.

Francheska Martinez

Portrait of Latina Fitness Coach Francheska Martinez

Photo by francheskafit on Instagram

Francheska Martinez is a self-proclaimed movement enthusiast and functional movement coach who’s passionate about getting people to embrace an active lifestyle. From dancing and breakdancing to rollerblading and flag football, her joy for life is contagious and she shares it with 289K followers on Instagram. With a degree in Exercise Sports Science and certifications from ONNIT Academy and ANIMAL FLOW, Martinez blends fun and fitness in the most creative ways. She reminds us that movement is medicine and that’s a huge part of her philosophy. Of Cuban and Colombian heritage, Martinez is an inspiring Latina to add to your social media feed.

Robin Arzón

Portrait of Latina Fitness Coach Robin Arz\u00f3n

Photo by robinnyc on Instagram

Robin Arzón is quite an interesting Latina fitness coach because she’s a former lawyer who decided to pursue her true passion: fitness. Of Cuban and Puerto Rican descent, Arzón is a two-time New York Times bestselling author and Peloton’s VP of Fitness Programming. From marathons to motivational speaking, her journey into a full-fledge fitness expert is impressive. She has inspired thousands of people to redefine their possibilities through sweat and resilience and continues to do so. Arzón is a powerful Latina helping other women unlock their own power and she’s making an impact to over 1M followers on Instagram.

Gaby Rivers

Portrait of Latina Fitness Coach Gaby Rivers

Photo by gabsmrivers on Instagram

Gaby Rivers, also known as Gabs, is all about making fitness accessible and enjoyable for other women. With her engaging content in Spanish, Gaby shares workout programs, including her KZN fitness program, and wellness tips with her 268K followers. As a certified personal trainer and nutrition coach, she’s an amazing fitness influencer from Puerto Rico, helping many reach their goals with realistic, effective routines. She also shares recipes, tips for workouts and marathon prep, and overall lifestyle content that will help you stay on track.

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