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Telenovelas are hilariously dramatic. Each twist and cliffhanger seemingly comes out of nowhere and we all know it's impossible for what we're watching to actually happen in real life, but we looooove it.

We have our personal telenovela faves but all telenovelas have at least one of the standard plots. The plots are so fake you get hypnotized by the improbability and outlandishness of it all. But they give us what they’re supposed to; drama, fiery passion, and fantasy, and this list of telenovela plots deliver.

The Evil Twin

We’re suckers for the twin’s plotline. When we tell you that we get shocked that the gemela malvada is passing for our dear protagonist or vice versa, it’s jaw-dropping time. The Telenovela La Usurpadora is the OG evil twin plot and it’s legendary. It’s an absolute must-watch for cliffhangers, dramatic yelling scenes, and family-friendly Spanish insults.

The Amnesia

Somehow someone gets in an accident or experiences some other misfortune and suddenly forgets everything they’ve ever lived up until that moment (I mean, it happens, right??). The character inevitably needs help getting their memories back before anyone else can take advantage of their naivety.

Diego, from the Telenovela Rebelde Way, is a perfect example of surviving but getting the dreaded amnesia and therefore landing squarely in a plotline that basically writes itself (but still manages to surprise us at every turn).

The Coma

And while we’re at the medically related plots, we can’t forget to bring up the coma storyline. It’s always the result of a terrible accident that leaves the character clinging for dear life. The character always miraculously recovers and naturally, they happen to wake up at the most convenient times. That doesn’t mean that all is well in the neighborhood though because it wouldn’t be a telenovela if chaos didn’t immediately ensue after the miracle awakening.

The Poor Who Becomes Rich

Someone always ends up inheriting a lot of money, winning the lottery, or marrying someone rich. Nothing screams more Telenovela than waking up the next day as a millionaire. The odds of that happening are one in 1,345,343,422. But part of the pull of this plot is that we all wish we could be that. Don’t we all want to wake up one day and be told we’re now living in the lap of luxury? Maria la del Barrio knows the feeling.

The Big Family Secret

Somehow the Familia has this super-secret that needs to be kept under wraps and nothing and no one will be spared in order to keep it there. Of course, we know the truth will come out at some point but this plot is the best because even though we know the truth always prevails, we’re not really sure how it will prevail. While this telenovela is in modern form and on Netflix, Casa de las Flores is the ultimate the-family-secret-shall-be-kept-at-all-costs story and it’s damn good. Not to mention that it features some solid telenovela veterans in Veronica Castro and Arturo Rios.

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