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Mother’s Day is today in the U.S (May 8th) and May 10th on most parts of Latin America, and we can’t help but think about all the things our mamás told us growing up. All of their advice, thoughts and opinions often came unsolicited, but we’re thankful for them and all of the wisdom they constantly shared with us growing up.

Here are a few of the things we can now laugh about and even share with our own kids because to be honest, some of these are so true!

Don't walk around the house barefoot because ofel piso frío’

Does anyone know the real repercussions of walking barefoot on cold floors? This might be one of the biggest fights growing up with a Latina mom because they were adamant that you would get sick with bare feet in the house.

Saying you were bored and your mom responded with ‘ponte a limpiar’

You could NEVER say how bored you were or else your mom would respond telling you to clean. All you wanted was to go hangout with your friends, and now you were stuck cleaning your room.

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Asking for food when you’re out and the response was ‘Hay comida en la casa’

It was so difficult to convince your parents to take you to McDonald’s after a day of riding around in the car with them running errands. As soon as you said tengo hambre, mom’s response was almost immediately hay comida en la casa.


Hearing the comforting words, ‘Todo a su tiempo, mija’

Moms have a sense of knowing that things will be okay and their comforting words always help us get through the toughest of times. Perhaps it’s their instinct or all of the challenges they have managed to overcome, but either way we feel at ease every time we hear those words.

¡Mientras vivas en esta casa…! was mom’s favorite saying

It didn’t matter if all of your friends were going out, you were not if mom said so. Why? Because under her roof, only her rules applied and it doesn’t matter if you’re 6, 16 or 26. If you’re living with your papás, their rules go!


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