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a grandmother looking disapproving and a granddaughter looking bewildered while having lunch outdoors

Growing up, our mamas cared for us and kept us safe in any way they possibly could, from coming up with the strangest homemade remedies (that, of course, always worked…or did they?) to stern warnings for just about everything. Many of which we’ve carried on to adulthood, like not stepping descalzos on the floor to avoid catching a cold!

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young woman with a baby in her arms hugs older woman

The dynamics within Latino families are experiencing significant transformations, particularly around values and cultural traditions. In many Latino families, older generations tend to hold onto conventional and strict norms. However, the second-generation of Latine Americans, those born in the U.S. with at least one immigrant parent, tends to include an increase in Latinas who are shedding obsolete notions and traditions and challenging these dynamics with a more open mindset.

This generational shift is paving the way for even more cultural change amongst the third-generation, creating a fascinating, and often stressful, intergenerational dynamic.

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latine father sitting with his daughter in a park

There are about 3.39 million Latine families in the United States led by single mothers, this isn't just a statistic; it’s the vivid reality of Latinas shouldering the responsibility of parenting without the active support of a co-parent figure.

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