8 Latina-owned Brands + Brujita Rituals To Embody Self-Love

a four-part collage of latina-owned brands and businesses. from left to right: viva la bonita, libreria book bar, vive salvaje aromatherapy and educated chola.

This year, self-love is evolving to new heights and stepping into the spotlight. It’s not just another buzzword trending on social media. The act of self-love has become the main component to awakening the magic within and the key ingredient to manifesting our dreams into reality.

From a psychological perspective, self-love is a state of deep inner awareness, appreciation of oneself, and having a high regard for our own well-being and happiness. It’s no surprise, then, why this element is key to unlocking our deep desires as well as the motivation behind setting personal boundaries to protect our energy and peace.

Although for some, self-love can sound like another performative topic on social media, it is much more meaningful and personal than that.

Manifesting con amor means focusing on the parts of our own lives where we may have lacked love or lack love, especially for ourselves. For many people of color experiencing generational trauma and damaging cultural beliefs, self-love is an act or thought that’s often portrayed as selfish or self-centered. This means that, especially for communities of color, learning to love ourselves and breaking down the old patriarchal teachings within us can be a lifelong journey.

Self-love is often an expression of resistance and means prioritizing our own needs and the pursuit of joy rather than accepting constant suffering as the default.

These Latina-owned brands are pushing amor propio into the forefront of our everyday life. And for everyday rituals that don’t cost a cent, check out the next section.

URBAN VQRA X Senora Calzones

Two Latina-owned brands joined forces to deliver Amor Propio, a new sultry and elevated lingerie collection that merges the erotic liberato of self-love and the exquisite elements of Mexican-ranchera cultura. The collection is fueled with self-discovery, unapologetic sensuality, and a luxury that embodies Mexican roots and culture. Find them at @urbanvqra & @senoracalzones.


​Pouring love into yourself can be as easy and simple as a clean beauty routine filled with the essence of Madre Tierra and our ancestor’s rituals. Dos amigas Latinas co-created a wellness beauty brand derived from the richness and roots of Mother Earth, and the connection back to ancestral beauty practices. Every product is carefully curated, keeping in mind simplicity, practicality, and, most importantly, love from generations of Latina women who came before them. And now you can find Vamigas at Target nationwide! Keep up with them at @vamigas.

Viva La Bonita

​Coming through all the way from the good old 818 San Fernando Valley in California, Viva La Bonita is a Latina-owned street fashion brand that embodies self-love in every curated piece and collection. The brand reminds us to walk in Bonita poder, be our loudest hype women, and of course, to dream big. When in doubt, put on your favorite Bonita t-shirt and/or sweatpants and tell yourself to keep going because that’s SELF-LOVE. Find them here @vivalabonita.

Libreria Book Bar

If you’re focused on aligning from within and developing a more positive mindset. This Latina-owned bookshop has curated a special selection of BIPOC books that will liberate your mind, body, and soul. They even created lists of books that shine the spotlight on radical acceptance, decolonization, inclusive feminism, and more. Self-love is all about expansion and allowing yourself to soak in some much-needed moments of solitude, and what better way to do that than curled up with a good book y un tecito. Check the out here @libreriabookbar.

Vive Salvaje Aromatherapy

Set the mood and vibe with Vive Salvaje Aromatherapy in every room you step into. The brand has floral, citrus, or earthy-scented candles, room sprays, and car diffusers. Every product is hand-poured and created from non-toxic and clean ingredients. Self-love never smelled so good. Follow them @vive.salvaje.

Educated Chola

This uplifting and empowering brand highlights the importance of mental health in the Latinx community. It advocates for and normalizes the development of supportive environments for mental health awareness. Educated Chola carries a range of products from tees, mugs, and stickers to encourage self-love through the importance of internal well-being starting con la mente. Find them here @educatedchola.


This luxurious Latina-owned beauty brand has become a national sensation after their recent appearance on Shark Tank. The brand was created from the love and appreciation for our cultura. Nopalera is disrupting old Euro-centric beauty standards and making its way into spaces that never once considered us. Self-Love means knowing your worth and valuing yourself in every space and room because, like the Nopalera founder Sandra Valazquez said, “Mija, no te desprecies.” Find them here @nopalera.co.

La Brujita Del Jardin

Brujitas, this is the year to arm yourself with affirmations, manifesting rituals, y mucho self-love. La Brujita Del Jardin knows our busy, and hectic lifestyles can sometimes steer us away from aligning ourselves from within. The brand incorporates brujeria practices and rituals into your everyday life. Whether you are looking for rituals manifesting under the moonlight or self-love affirmations to say to the mirror, La Brujita Del Jardin provides you with the right manifesting tools and rituals to help you turn up the self-love vibras and manifest your dreams into reality. Follow her at @labrujitadeljardin.

Spending money is never necessary for self-love, so check out this Brujita ritual from her Cosmica Book to help you invoke your own self-love magia.


Unconditional self-love is the key to prosperity and to living freely. Learning to love and accept yourself during the dark moments on your journey will open a world of possibilities. This ritual will give you the love to pamper yourself through your journey.


I love myself unconditionally

What you will need:

  • Rose petals (or any pink petal flower to represent unconditional love)
  • Himalayan Salt ½ cup
  • Epsom salt ½ cup
  • Rose Incense
  • Rose oil
  • 4 Pink candles

Best time to do this ritual:

  • New Moon
  • Full Moon
  • Friday, Saturday, and Sunday
  • Every Season


  1. Run a warm bath
  2. Light rose incense and candles
  3. Pour salt, rose petals, and rose oil into the bath
  4. Breathe and visualize yourself covered in love
  5. Focus on the love within
  6. Breathe 7 counts in and 7 counts out (repeat 3 times)
  7. Say mantras out loud
    I am embarking on my journey of self-love
    It’s a journey of pure unconditional love
    I love myself truly and purely throughout my journey

Final step, manifest con amor for you especially!

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