Manifesting Mindset Guide with La Brujita del Jardín

Manifesting Mindset Guide with La Brujita del Jardín

La Brujita del Jardín takes you on a manifesting journey utilizing the new moon's energy to help align your visions and goals to your mindset in order to manifest them into reality effortlessly.

Replay our resident Brujita's Manifesting Mindset Workshop and follow up with this manifesting guide to learn how to shift your energy, release your fears, and trust the Universe and your own intuition fully.

This guide will not only give insight into what manifesting tools to use, but how to use them, and how to continue leveling up your energy well after the rituals.

Collective 2023 Affirmation Declarations

  • I AM BLESSED - I am growing and I love who I am becoming every day.
  • I AM POWERFUL - I am powerful and my magic lives within me.
  • I AM BEAUTIFUL - I see beauty everywhere I go and I see beauty always within me.

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Manifesting Altar

Connect with the energy of the elements: Earth, Fire, Water, and Air to align your manifestations with Mother Nature’s frequency. We are all a part of the earth and we all carry the elements within us. Aligning with our internal elements means aligning with the magic within.

Candles represent all elements

  • Solid form = earth
  • Ignite the wick = fire
  • Smoke = air
  • Liquid form = water

The color of a candle can align with a particular intention, but it doesn’t necessarily have to. What is most important is the intention that you are releasing as you light your candle. Keep in mind that these are tools, but your power is always within you.

  • Dark Blue: Enhance psychic abilities, prosperity, and deeper spiritual connection.
  • Red: Passion, Unconditional love, Self-love, and cultivates partnerships.
  • Yellow: Joy, Happiness, Inner child connection, and healing.
  • Black: Protection, banishes negative energy, breaks hexes and mal ojo.
  • White: Purifies and amplifies energy, spiritual protection, and cleansing.
  • Green: Abundance, wealth, money, and luck.

Incense and aromatherapy cleanse and set the tone for manifestations

  • Rose: Self-love, internal peace and sets a protective angelic energy around you.
  • Lemongrass: Revitalizes the mind and body, improves concentration, and purifies energy.
  • Copal: Enhances spiritual ancestor connection, calms the mind, and reduces stress.

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Kitchen Manifesting Altar Tools


Use salt to remove negative energy from your home and aura.

Place salt in a bowl on your altar, or the front door, or use it to shower and pour over your head when you are in need of an energy cleanse (be sure to keep your eyes tightly closed, nothing ruins a good cleanse like burning eyes). Or mix with an essential oil and use it as a salt scrub.


Use cinnamon to attract abundance and success. Sprinkle a few pinches over your candle to ignite your personal manifestations.


Use mint for luck, attract money, and prosperity, and to eliminate stagnant energy and/or obstacles. Grow your own mint plant, take care of it daily and water it with intention. This will attract more wealth and luck to you.

Favorite Crystals to use for New Moon

  • Rose quartz = love and angelic connection.
  • Tiger’s Eye = protection and amplifies manifesting energy.
  • Green Aventurine = luck, prosperity, and wealth.
  • Sunstone crystal = ignites the fire within, brings joy, and manifests deepest desires.

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Practices To Help You Stay Aligned With the Manifesting Mindset

  1. The Manifestations of Gratitude: Practice gratitude daily and don’t overlook your past and present manifestations. Try journaling and drawing.
  2. The Acceptance of Blessings: Allow yourself to receive and accept blessings, compliments, help, and unexpected opportunities. Try Speaking to yourself with love and compassion. (Hype yourself up)
  3. The Creation of Boundaries: Set boundaries to protect internal peace and align with those who respect your boundaries and support your journey unconditionally. Try creating a schedule, write down goals and create strategic plans to hold yourself accountable.
  4. The Mindset of Patience and Trust: Speak your manifestations into existence and surrender to the universe. Understand that manifestations can unfold in different ways. Practice visualizing and connecting with your higher self to ask for help and strength when needed.
  5. The Awareness of Beauty Blossoming: Even through the darkest of times it is important to stand in your power and see the beauty of what is around you rather than get consumed by negativity. This doesn’t mean ignoring or masking your problems, but rather understanding that every moment is light and dark and every ending is a new beginning. Practice staying present and in the moment, literally, stop and smell the roses when you need a reminder of the beauty around you.
  6. The Celebration of Prosperity: Practice celebrating your wins and speaking about your accomplishments. Staying humble doesn’t mean putting yourself down or dimming your light for others to feel more comfortable. Try creating an “I AM GOALS” board (digital, IRL board, or video clips) of your favorite big or small moments, awards, and successes that impacted your life. Remind yourself where you came from and how far you have come to help you see your future path more clearly.
  7. The Strength Within: Redefining strength is important because everyone has different types of strengths and abilities. What does strength mean to you, how has your strength come through for you in times of need or even when you underestimate yourself. Try reflecting on your strengths and opportunities. Ask and seek help when you need it, and don’t feel ashamed because it takes strength to ask for help.
  8. Embrace the Desire: Practice connecting with your inner child to reclaim your creativity and your imagination. Allow yourself to manifest your desires that were once so realistic to you without shutting down. Try playing outdoors, having a day of rest and creativity, do something you didn’t get to do as a child, but yearn to do.
  9. The Protection Energy: Connect and align with things or people who support and root for you. Observe, but do not absorb how others' constructive criticism and negative projections make you feel. Understand that many things are out of your control, but you have choices about who and what you surround yourself with that can ultimately be changed. Protecting your energy may feel like the death of an old version of you, but a new version is always awaiting.
  10. The Connection and Stability: Create rituals to keep you aligned with manifestations. For example, if you are manifesting love then pamper yourself with love and give yourself the love you want. Stability and the manifesting magic come from within. Try a morning ritual lighting on your altar or in a space you feel comfortable with, and for at least 5 minutes, remain still and daydream about your manifestations unfolding, end the visualization with gratitude and speak it to existence.

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Create a Manifesting Vision Board

  • Create a manifesting board that can be edited and adjusted throughout the year
    • Use a pinboard or a reusable board
    • Leave room to add more pictures or images throughout the year
    • Goals and manifestations can change at anytime
  • Include your favorite moments of the past
    • Include photos of places you visited
    • Meaningful souvenirs or sacred heirlooms
    • Joyful photos, accomplishments, and/or awards
  • Include future goals
    • Places to visit and travel to
    • Jobs or career images
    • Love and special moments you want to create
  • Include Affirmations
    • Use words that powerful use and enhance your intentions
    • Write your own affirmations or notes
    • Add quotes or mantras that speak to your manifestations

Placement of Vision Board: Many of us create vision boards only to forget, put them away or hide them. Where you place on your board is crucial to manifest.

  • Place your board where you can see it daily
  • The board can be placed by your altar
  • Release the shame of what the goals you desire are
  • Create a special bond with your board and connect with it daily
For more spiritual guidance on how to keep manifesting your dreams and surrounding yourself with positive energy, check out our resident Brujita's articles on Ways To Embrace The New You, Full Moon Transformation Ritual, and Manifesting Tips for Abundance and Growth. Follow @labrujitadeljardin on IG for daily affirmations and manifesting tips.

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