La Brujita Del Jardin’s 2023 Full Snow Moon in Leo: What Does this Energy Mean for You?

a full moon above the dark silhouette ridge of a mountain

February’s full Snow Moon is on Sunday, February 5, 2023, and will reach its peak illumination at 1:29 PM EST. In the U.S., the peak will occur during the daytime, but the moon generally stays visible for quite a while, so you should be able to watch it when night falls and even the day after as well.

Now that the full moon is upon us in Leo, it’s SHOWTIME!

If you’ve been craving new energy and more exciting experiences this year, well, look no further; this is the perfect full moon to manifest your true heart’s desire and be unapologetically bold while doing it. There’s a major shift in the air, and those with Aquarius and Leo placements might have already felt it.

Leo’s are known to own the spotlight and take center stage everywhere they go. This full moon has the same type of energy, and it’s asking you to confidently set the intentions for your manifestations while pushing beyond your comfort zone. This is not the time to play it safe or hide behind fears and insecurities. There needs to be a full mind, body, and spirit alignment to ensure the manifestations we desire to unfold within the next seasons are wisely executed.

Although this moon may bring out our adventurous side, it can also come with distractions if we don’t stick to setting boundaries and routines. This means creating and doing rituals beyond the full moon evening. For example, if you are ready to step into a new healthier lifestyle, it’s time to set structure by writing short and long-term goals followed by an action plan. There’s no more just speaking your manifestations out loud because this energy is pushing all of us to get into action.

A Full Moon Ritual with Leo Energy

A recommended Brujita full moon ritual to help you step into your confidence and embody this Leo energy is to write down any fears, insecurities, or anything you feel is holding you back and burn it in a heat-safe bowl or cauldron. Say and repeat three times, “I am aligning myself with the new energy this full moon holds. I am releasing the old and making room for my true desires.”

This will require going through some internal shadow reflection and shedding old energies. Dispose of ashes outside under the full moon and again chant, “I manifest under the moonlight, and good fortune is my birthright.

After this, write down the things you truly want and desire, as well as align them with the seasons and/or a timeline. The key is to be specific and intentional with every manifestation.

Overall, February’s manifesting magic and the Leo full moon align perfectly with the rebellious and cosmic visionary Aquarius season. The message here is to harness your own magic and amplify it towards your TRUTH and unique desires. Many of us are manifesting what we think we want based on what feels safe, or what we think our families, society, and culture want us to be.

The challenge here is to step out of your comfort zone, think bigger, and honor the discomfort. This may look and feel like you're embracing new things, but instead may realize you are really stepping into what you always wanted or you are finally learning what your authentic self truly desires. Whatever your journey may look like or wherever it may take you, make sure to manifest con amor for yourself.

For more mind, soul, and body alignment practices, check out the Full Moon Transformation: Stop Faking and Start Manifesting article and follow @labrujitadeljardin on Instagram.

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