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 graphic design displaying the covers of six fiction books authored by Latina writers.

Whether you’re a highly active reader or a casual one, you’re probably aware of the lack of diversity in the publishing industry. As a shock to no one, most traditionally published authors are White. According to The Diversity Baseline Survey published in 2019, 76% of authors were White, while only 6% were Latine and 5% were Black and Afro-Latine.

Granted, publishers have been making changes in recent years to achieve more diversification, but systemic change takes time. In the meantime, we should support Latina authors at every turn. To do that, here are 6 must-read fiction books by Latina authors. And don’t worry, we bring a good variety of genres!

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covers of books written by Latine authors

This article republishedfrom the 19th News with permission.

Romina Garber had always been an avid reader of fantasy stories, especially Harry Potter, but something ate at her: She could never find another Latina in the stories.

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a collage of books by latina authors: first gen by alejandra campoverdi, the making of yolanda la bruja by lorraine avila,  legitimate kid by aida rodriguez, wealth warrior by linda garcia and borderless by jennifer de leon

It's Latine Hispanic Heritage Month, and while there are so many amazing stories from diverse Latine voices, here are a few new book picks that are more than just great reads; they are experiences that will resonate, inspire, and open your eyes to different facets of the Latino experience.

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