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courtesy of Carmen Rita Wong

Carmen Rita Wong is no stranger to media and being in the spotlight, but the release of her new memoir titled Why Didn’t You Tell Me? forced the author to step past her discomfort and into her truth in ways she hadn't done before.

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Most people have a book or two that have greatly impacted their lives. For me, it has always been books written by Latinas with experiences similar to those I grew up with. There is something special about picking up a book written by a Latina that understands your background, your struggles and your cultura. If you’re looking for more diversity and representation on your bookshelf, look no further.

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For some, poetry can be an escape from the world of novels and books. Talented writers have a unique ability to transport us out of our lives and into theirs with their ability to create stories with meaning. We’re highlighting some amazing Latinx poets who give us all the feels and would be a great edition for your bookshelf.

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