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three Latina women representing the Mexican cultural group Pachucas

Dressed to the nines, defying norms, dancing to the rhythm of jazz, and shaping a revolutionary subculture in the mid-20th century - this was the world of the Pachucas. Not merely fashion enthusiasts, but active proponents of change, these Mexican women boldly stepped onto the stage of cultural history. Let's take a time machine back to the 1940s to the birth of this iconic movement, and explore the legacy of the Pachucas.

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one of the streets in Tulum

Tulum is known as one of the most naturally beautiful and well-known destinations for people from all over the world. The beautiful beaches, “eco-friendly” lifestyle, low cost of goods, and abundance of culture make the Mexican town a perfect paradise destination. But there is an ugly truth that's being ignored.

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a side by side comparison of Tenochtitlan and present-day Mexico City
Thomas Kole

Journey back to 1518 and imagine Mexico-Tenochtitlan: a city rising from the Lake Texcoco bed, transforming into an impressive metropolis, home to over 200,000 individuals from diverse walks of life. With its strategic layout, the city reflected meticulous planning, marked by canals, walkways, and an array of impressive structures. Today, this grand city is known as Mexico City.

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