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graphic design highlighting Dolores Huerta 94 birthday, the iconic civil rights activist and labor leader.

Today, Dolores Huerta, one of the most important Latino icons within civil rights, is turning 94 years old. This occasion is the perfect opportunity to celebrate not only her robust life but also her immense contributions as a social justice champion. Huerta is a living legend whose tireless efforts have helped transform the landscape of civil rights, feminism, labor rights, farmworkers’ rights, and even environmental justice.

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L.A. County Sheriffs forcibly remove Aurora Vargas from her home
USC Libraries. Los Angeles Examiner Collection, 1920-1961

A new bill introduced in the California Legislature aims to address a historical injustice by seeking reparations for families who were forcibly displaced from their homes in Los Angeles in the 1950s to make way for what is now the Dodger Stadium. The proposed legislation, named the “Chavez Ravine Accountability Act”, represents a significant step toward acknowledging and rectifying the harm done to the Mexican American community.

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A woman in labor is being accompanied and supported by a Doula

The number of women who die due to complications during childhood is on the rise in the United States. Over 5.6 million women live in maternity care deserts - areas where access to maternity healthcare is limited or doesn’t exist at all. Other factors that contribute to maternal mortality are lack of proper prenatal care and pre-existing health conditions like diabetes or high blood pressure, among others.

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