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woman with overwhelmed expression sitting at a computer with a man on each side of her pointing at her

It happens to so many of us. We dream big, work hard to achieve what we want, scale every imaginable mountain in our way, and when we finally arrive, the self-doubt barrels in with an unstoppable vengeance. The thoughts and feelings of not being good enough, not learning fast enough, or not feeling as capable as those around you are often attributed to what we know as imposter syndrome. And if you’ve ever felt this struggle, you’re most certainly not alone.

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female scientist standing in laboratory

Despite adversities and systemic oppression, Latinas have pushed through and still helped the world with their inventions. It’s widely known that women have it tough in STEM (science, tech, engineering, and math) and STEAM (science, tech, engineering, arts, and math). While both those disciplines are already highly competitive, women also have to deal with the overwhelming majority of the field being occupied by men. Latinas are even further marginalized in the field with only 2% of Latinas holding STEM jobs, and yet we still have some pretty amazing inventions made by Latinas.

But that’s not ever stopped Latinas from being magic in either STEM or STEAM.

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collage of various service workers

The COVID-19 pandemic rocked our worlds in many different ways; some stayed at home, but many others were deemed essential and had to keep working as if the world wasn’t experiencing an unprecedented global event. Doctors, nurses, CNAs, paramedics, and other healthcare workers deserve waves of accolades and praise for their heroic work, but today we also acknowledge those who are overlooked, have also struggled, and deserve the same amount of praise for doing their essential work as well. Luz Collective created a list of the top 5 most thankless but most valuable jobs so we can acknowledge their sheer and utter awesomeness.

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