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woman looking at her laptop in shock

This article is part of a series sponsored by and developed in partnership with Known Holdings: a new kind of finance company that manages money and assets for people who see the opportunity in generating wealth and growth for communities of color.

Congratulations—you have just been named the recipient of some much-needed and well-deserved funding!

The bad news? Well, now you need to be on high alert for cyber scams. That press release listing you as a recipient of a major award may have put a bullseye on your back. Your name and the award have probably landed you on the radar of some hackers.

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Woman sitting on the floor while reading from her laptop
During the last few years of social turmoil and heightened awareness about deep system injustice, many more people began protesting and making their social views known via their wallets.
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NFTs imitation

By now you've probably heard more than one story about someone becoming a millionaire by selling NFTs but for probably most people, this emerging technology and economic system is still very confusing. What are NFTs, exactly? Art? Currency? And how are people making millions of dollars from them? While the obvious question for most people, "why can't I just screenshot the graphic and use it?” seems legitimately valid, the system doesn't work that way (that's what the experts say, at least).

But don't worry, being confused makes you part of the majority, not the minority. So let's break it down, shall we?

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