Yep, Mercury is in Retrograde Again

Image of Planet Mercury

Mercury will be in retrograde from September 9th to October 2nd, 2022, and that’s the 3rd retrograde this year. Mercury is the planet of communication, commerce, and travel, and we experience a retrograde around three to four times each year. For some, all this means is that Mercury appears to travel backward, but it actually doesn’t.

This is just an optical illusion, but it’s where the descriptor “retrograde” comes from. For those who practice astrology, however, this period of time is believed to impact big parts of our lives.

This phenomenon is a popular topic of conversation on social media, with many commenting that they feel the effects of the retrograde as soon as it starts. But what happens exactly?

Since Mercury governs communication, retrograde is typically associated with confusion or frustration, meaning things might begin to feel like they are heading for chaos. Think laptop stops working right as you have to deliver a final paper. Plans go interrupted. Texts or emails get delayed or mixed up. While this may sound really awful, many astrologers advise not to think about it in a bad way. Chaos is sometimes exactly what is needed to get our lives in order and according to astrologers, that’s exactly what we should be doing.

Retrograde is a good time to sit back and reorganize, and pay close attention to what you're putting your energy towards, and that it’s taking you in the right direction.

Astrologers also warn that relationships can be affected during this period. What this simply means, however, is that effort needs to be made to properly communicate feelings and thoughts. Despite Mercury creating turbulent energy in communications, now is not the time to bottle anything up. It’s time to listen closely to what others have to say and avoid any miscommunications or misunderstandings that can lead to damaged relationships.

The best way to use the knowledge of retrograde is to just be prepared for any worst-case scenarios. Technology may break down out of nowhere (so turn those auto-saves and back-ups on!), and flights, car rides, or other modes of transportation might be missed for random reasons. After all, the big social media meltdown of 2021 was during mercury retrograde.

So plan extra carefully and triple-check everything, now's the time to mind even the tiniest of details. Iva Naskova, an astrologer at the Nebula app says, "Surviving retrograde Mercury is easy if we remember to proofread our emails, texts, and any documentation we might work on." There’s no reason to be miserable during this time; after all, they do happen more than once a year and last almost a month, so instead learn to use it in your favor.

Lastly, know that it does affect each zodiac slightly differently so give this guide a quick read to find what you may expect. And last but not least, remember the world is in this together, literally, the effects of mercury retrograde leaves no one behind. So give yourself some grace if you’re feeling extra challenged. Odds are a lot of people you know are feeling the same way.

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