Full Moon Transformation: Stop Faking it and Start Manifesting it!

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Earlier this year I took the biggest risk of my life and left my toxic corporate job to pursue my dreams of writing, creating, and starting my own business. No, I am not here to tell anyone to release their job like Queen B did this past summer. I am here to share my story and manifesting tips that will help transform aspiring entrepreneurs and creatives when moments in their journey are breaking their souls.

Truth be told I had to take a couple of steps back before I could move forward. I dug deep and released a lot of fears and internalized emotions that kept me crippled with anxiety. Although it hasn’t been an easy journey, every day is a learning experience, and I tell myself not to give up. I’ve come a long way, I have sacrificed a lot, and I’ve also been very persistent. There have been many tears during long nights, but I have never felt more connected to my inner magic and the Universe than ever before. I finally feel like I am living my truth, and every single tear is worth that.

I am still learning to trust and surrender as I navigate my new path, but my daily manifesting practices keep me consistent and focused.

However, it wasn’t always like this.

During my journey, I realized I was settling for the bare minimum not only from romantic relationships but from my career and the people around me. The more I settled, the more I internalized my true feelings and dreams. It was my rock bottom, I was faking it through life and living to everyone else's standards but my own.

As a first-gen Latina, I was programmed by my family, culture, and society, as well as my low self-esteem issues, to settle for less and take what I was given. If I even dared ask for more or for what was fair, I was scolded and called greedy until I humbled myself once again.

This became a traumatic pattern that affected every aspect of my life, especially my career. These limiting beliefs and scarce mentality set the bar low for how far I could dream and how big my goals could get. I’ve always been a manifestor and a dreamer, but I was scared to think bigger and reach higher. Faking it doesn’t necessarily always mean being something or someone else; it can also mean choosing less or to be less.

Sometimes this happens to no fault of our own because it’s how we were raised and normalized to be. Nevertheless, it is up to us to stop settling and start awakening our magic within. There’s never a perfect time or a perfect situation to take a risk and choose to fly higher. Real growth doesn’t happen in the comfort of our limitations but instead in the thrills of the unknown. It can be very frightening for individuals to take a leap of faith for the first time, but remember it’s okay to make mistakes because they can lead to bigger manifestations and opportunities.

My daily manifesting practices have helped de-program and transform my limiting mindset into a more confident and spiritually aligned manifesting tool. These eight practices will help guide entrepreneurs and creatives to break their own personal barriers that are blocking their own blessings. Every day is a new day to start manifesting con amor, most importantly amor for yourself.

1. Daily Journaling

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There’s no surprise that journaling is the number one practice to help manifestors gain clarity, jot down groundbreaking ideas and release deep internalized emotions. However, don’t limit yourself to writing once a day or only during a certain time. Downloads and feelings flow throughout the day. Keep a notepad or notebook with you to ensure you are capturing the magical messages from the Universe. When a pen and paper are not available, journaling can also be writing a quick note on your phone. The main point of this practice is to take a moment to reflect on what was written and ensure to do it daily.

2. Solitude

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Moments alone are crucial for co-creators who are building empires and manifesting dreams into reality. It’s important to carve out alone into our busy schedules just like zoom meetings and Sunday brunches. These are the times when conversations with ourselves flow easily, and ideas are magically birthed. Most importantly it’s a needed time to disconnect and cleanse from outside energy. Try to put down the phone and electronics during your solitude time.

3. Gratitude

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This is a popular practice that most people say they need to do because it’s the most overlooked and forgotten one. Gratitude keeps you present and helps honor where and what you have in your current journey. Don't confuse or use this practice as an excuse to keep settling or to justify why you are not reaching for higher goals and manifesting bigger. Gratitude is a practice that will help push and drive you to reach for the stars. You’ve come a long way, brujita!

4. Rest, Breaks, and Boundaries

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​Resting and taking breaks are productive practices that will ultimately help you manifest more intentionally and efficiently. Taking breaks throughout the day and learning when to stop working is not only beneficial to your overall health but is needed for your spiritual alignment. Don’t forget to set those boundaries not just with yourself, but with others. Not everyone will be happy with the enforcement of boundaries. However, at least you know your spirit will be happier in the long run.

5. Positive Self-Talk

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Hype yourself up daily and be your own best friend. Watch how you speak to yourself especially when situations don’t go as planned or your way. Affirmations and mantras are one of the biggest tools to make your manifestations become a reality faster, but they are more effective when you do them to uplift yourself through the journey. Eres magia, mujer, y dile a todos los espejos!

6. Self-Love

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​Self-love can look like anything we need and enjoy at the moment. Whether it’s treating and pampering ourselves or just doing nothing. I create rituals focused on giving myself the love I deserve. When I started loving myself better, I started believing in myself more and it ultimately boosted my self-esteem. Too many of us neglect our own needs but learning what type of love we need and how we want it will help us communicate our needs to others. Check out my Self-Love Replenishing Bath Ritual below to help guide entrepreneurs to manifest more intentionally and transform their energy during the full moon.

7. Creating Days

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How can we co-create if we are not allowing ourselves to create in the first place? Schedule artistic days in the jefa calendar specifically focused on just creating. Whether it’s drawing, dancing, writing, or doing anything that encourages us to express our multi-dimensionality. It’s important to let our imagination and inner child play because many neglect this part of us and it's a necessary practice to get to know our truest and deepest desires. We can manifest big dreams as we dance and play, too.

8. Speaking it to Existence

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Feel it. Say it and believe it. What is meant for you is already yours. Too many of us live in fear and we are not able to say what we want to do or dream of doing because of either being shamed for it (this trauma may have happened before) or someone may give us “mal ojo” and sabotage it. This is the first step to releasing the fears and start learning to trust not just the Universe, but us. Speak as if it’s yours. Be aware of the traumas holding you in a space of fear and not allowing you to speak desires and dreams into existence.


Self-Love Replenishing Bath Ritual

Allow yourself to infuse and pamper yourself with self-love. This bath ritual will replenish and transform you into a more positive, focused manifestor especially after coming out of this past Mercury Retrograde. Grab a good book, put on some relaxing music, and soak in the magic of the full moon.

What you need:

  • Rose petals
  • Yerba Buena Leaves
  • Himalayan Pink Salt
  • Florida Water
  • Rose Oil
  • Lime
  • White Candles
  • Rose Incense

Steps and Purpose:

  • Sprinkle rose petals into a warm bath: Roses symbolize love and attract it as well
  • Followed by Yerba Buena leaves: This majestic mint plant purifies and balances energy. It also attracts money and abundance
  • Throw a couple of pinches of Himalayan salt: A natural restorative and soothing ingredient to help ease muscle and the spirit
  • Florida water cleanses and purifies
  • Squeeze a lime: To cleanse and detoxify energy and remove negativity
  • White candles symbolize purification and new beginnings
  • Repeat the mantra below three times

Cosmica Mantra

I Ignite and breathe in intention
I meditate and love my reflection
I bathe in the light of self-love and confidence
I am the Cosmic goddess
I manifest & let it grow
I breathe & go with the flow

Final Step:

Manifest Con Amor!

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