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Pictured: Lucy Flores, America Ferrara, Gabby Rivera, Isabel Allende and Elizabeth Camarillo

We totally get the feeling of watching a random TED talk at 3am then walking around the next day with a whole new outlook on life - they’re just inspiring like that. The magic of TED talks is unmatchable. Some hit harder than others though, so we’ve gathered a few that as Latinas you’ll find yourself shedding a few happy inspired tears.

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5 women from different times

Latina women have been part of U.S history since its founding. They’ve left their footprint on science, art, politics, and more. They’ve been an important part of U.S. history and through their presence and actions have represented the Latino community well, though you wouldn’t get that sense from the history books and historical narratives that often erases U.S. Latino contributions.

Part of correcting history is ensuring Latinas no longer go unrecognized. Luz put together a list of little-known Latinas who should be known. Read on and share widely.

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Victoria Alonso
Marvel Studios © 2019

Your inner voice is the most valuable thing you have. No one can take it away. You know it in your gut, you just have to trust it.”

Imagine this: It’s 8:59am on a Monday in Los Angeles. A large boardroom is filled with every top executive at a major filmmaking studio. They are gathered to discuss the development of their next next multi-million dollar film. In your mind, who fills those chairs? They’re probably all men, right? But at this meeting, one woman walks into the room. No, she’s not walking in late, fumbling her papers and spilling coffee, while making the boys uncomfortable per the usual Hollywood scenario. She takes a seat at the table. The clock strikes nine and she says, “Wow! There are many of you boys here today. Where are the women?” Yes, she said that. She addressed the elephant in the room. She’s strong and outspoken and she’s the Executive Vice President of Production at Marvel Studios. She is Victoria Alonso.

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