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Can we all agree that 2020 will be the year we never forget? While the world underwent an entire shut down to slow the spread of COVID-19, the life of George Floyd was taken by the hands of the police and it felt like an ice-cold bucket of water thrown in our faces. This was the massive wake up call needed to remind us that this country still has a lot of work to do on social justice and race issues. The public outcry and banning together as Black and Brown unity to combat police brutality served a reminder to the world that Black Lives Matter. It gave us the awareness of our communities, how to understand the power of our voices, and what we can do in order for justice to be served.

Latina Podcasters Network understands how important freedom of speech is and the responsibility they have to their listeners to show up in order to share thoughts and ideas for the progression of our society to move towards a better future.

Featuring many podcasts from the Latina Podcaststers Network, these Latina podcasters bring refreshing episodes using the power of their microphone to educate and give strength to our community. While we still have a lot of work to do in this fight of social justice, we should be proud of these Latina/x podcasters that are using their voices to have difficult conversations. They deliver topics on social justice, race, politics, immigration and so much more in order to engage their listeners. Support las voces de la comunidad and subscribe to the list of 10 Latina/x Podcasters below for your dose of la lucha. We’ve included all of their instagram links for the best way to follow them.


Are you looking to awaken your inner “Guerrera” on a diverse array of political topics? You found it right here, Aurea Bolanos’ soft yet powerful voice shares topics for mujeres guerreras or women warriors on justicia, politics and so much more.

Las Doctoras

Dr. Christina Rose and Dr. Rene Limas are academics who are on a mission to talk about social issues that challenge our comunidad and other marginalized communities in order to help and dismantle oppression. Con un poquito de tequila and important conversations about race, gender, sexuality, reproductive justice they are on a mission to help heal generational traumas.

Bag Ladiez Podcast

Dos Afro-Latinx Dominicanas from the Bronx, “help you, help us, help you, help us…” by unpacking uncut, uncensored, raw and true versions of issues affecting the Latinx community. Come get rid of your baggage and listen to true vulnerability on topics of politics, news and more with hosts Estephanie and Lina.

Latinas: From the Block to the Boardroom

“Latinas: From the Block to the Boardroom” is hosted by Theresa E. Gonzales, a former Silicon Valley Tech. Theresa sheds a light on community and business impacts. “Hechale” con Theresa biweekly on her podcast, for a deep dive on representation in business through her personal experiences and interviews with industry leaders.

Parenting and Politics

If you are a parent and are looking for a way to talk to your kids about la politica and learn parenting power tips at the same time, Parenting and Politics, hosted by Diana Limongi, is your new podcast. Diana delivers a wide range of thought-provoking episodes from reproductive rights, transportation accessibility for pregnant women, inclusive storytelling to decolonizing parenting and coalition building.

Modern Immigrant

There is no better way to learn about the immigration experience than from las voces de nuestra gente. This bilingual podcast hosted by Vero Wall showcases episodes in English and Spanish that highlight the challenges and triumphs of diverse immigrant stories and their lives in the United States.

Cana Negra Podcast

The power, pride and good vibes of being “Negras,” vive en “Cana Negra” podcast. Hosted by Dash Harris, Evelyn Alvarez, Janvieve Williams Comrie, these three women embrace the mic to share, laugh, learn and heal through issues related to Black people from Latin America. A newer podcast on this list but still packs a punch, these women remind everyone that, “Black since Birth” is the most beautiful thing to celebrate while chatting it up with your girlfriends.

Cafe con Pam

If you enjoy a cup of cafecito with a side of change-makers, “Cafe con Pam” will be your next favorite podcast. Pam Covarrubias interviews diverse Latinx and People of Color who are making the United States a better place through their positive work. These stories of success aim to inspire her “manis” community. If you like caffeine, you’ll love her suggestions of coffee during her cafecito breaks and will get you hooked to subscribe to her show.


If impact, inspiration, musica and an entertaining modern Latinx twist are what you’re looking for, then it’s time to subscribe to Brenda Gonzalez and Ana Sheila Victorino’s podcast, “Tamarindo.” This Latinx duo showcases interviews and topics from politics to pop culture and remind their listeners to keep their calm through their frustrations with their occasional “calma” moments. This podcast is for those with open minds ready to tackle difficult and entertaining conversations head-on.

In The Thick

Maria Hinojosa is an award-winning journalist and host of the long-running news program, NPR’s Latino USA, produced by her company Futuro Media Group. Now a popular voice of Latinas in the podcasting industry, Maria co-hosts the podcast “In The Thick” alongside Latino USA senior digital editor Julio Ricardo Varela. Together, they hold nothing back and deliver extended versions of news to showcase the perspective of people of color. Topics range from politics, race, identity and you can be sure that they will be discussing what others choose to stay quiet on.

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