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Collage-style silhouette of a woman, composed of newspaper cutouts emphasizing the words 'Mental health'.

The conversation around mental health has changed drastically in recent years with the rise of awareness and education. For example, May is Mental Health Awareness Month, and it has contributed tremendously to the progress. However, in the Latino community, some stigma remains, and it’s reflected in the way Latinos tend to discuss mental health issues. Views on mental health vary among Latinos; some view mental health issues or illnesses as a weakness or personal failure, some experience shame and keep things quiet, and some are actively afraid of being labeled as “crazy.”

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an image of a girl in a first communion ceremony

I was inducted into the Catholic faith pretty much straight out of the womb, starting off at this Catholic primary school in Mexico when I was just six years old. I was pure Play-Doh back then, ready to be shaped and molded. There I was, learning the Holy Bible like it was basic arithmetic or the ABCs.

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