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A photograph of Sylvia Rivera in a yellow dress during a march
Sylvia Rivera at ACT-UP March, 1994. Photograph. 1994. Digital Transgender Archive.

Sylvia Rivera is a name you may have heard before, especially around Pride Month. Rivera is best known for her participation in the Stonewall Uprising, but the legacy she left behind for the transgender community in terms of her advocacy is a true testament to the fantastic nature of her work.

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picture of the front entrance of the Stonewall Inn, adorned with rainbow pride flags

June 1st marks the beginning of Pride Month, a time to celebrate the LGBTQ+ community. Every year we scroll through our feeds and watch as corporations change their plain logos to everything rainbow, but what can we learn about Pride besides what corporation wants a piece of our pride dollars? Why is Pride necessary, and why is it celebrated?

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