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3 separate images of Latina women with brown hair in front of various backgrounds

Some of us have a natural affinity for cooking. We measure with our eyes and hearts rather than going by a recipe’s measurements. Whether you’re skilled (or not) in the kitchen, check out these TikTok accounts for your next cultura meal inspiration or cooking lesson.

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Spa Water, Clean Girl Aesthetic, and Latine Appropriation

TikTok's the place for tastemakers and everything trendy, so you’re probably aware of the controversial "clean girl aesthetic" and have heard about the recent uproar over rebranding agua fresca as “spa water.” Simply put, white "taste-makers" aren't getting away with their cultural theft anymore.

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Multiple Latina women who will be appearing on The Culture is: Latina including, Bricia Lopez, Gloria Calderon Kellet, Julissa Arce,Gina Torres, Janel Martinez, Gloria Estefan, Monica Ramirez, Maria Hinojosa

The lineup for the MSNBC Special: "The Culture is: Latina"

Latinas are gaining more visibility than ever before - from TV shows to the big screen, and MSNBC is premiering a special you don't want to miss.

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