We Voted, Now What?

Signs from a protest.

It’s week three of the Biden presidency, and while we’re not being subjected to the circus we’ve lived through since 2016, it’s important to approach this presidency as a work in progress. Communities of color mobilized to deliver Biden the White House, and it’s vital to continue the work on the ground to keep the momentum going. We’re recommending some ways to stay politically engaged even in a non-major election year.

Holding our government accountable

This is #1 on the list. Historically, Democrats have gotten too comfortable with victory and frequently failed to deliver on promises, causing them to lose future elections. It’s important to continue to hold the Biden administration accountable for all of the promises they made on the campaign trail – this includes a comprehensive plan for immigration, canceling student loan debt, the expansion of healthcare for all, and effective climate change policy.

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Engage in your local elections

It may be a non-major election year, but 2021 still has many local elections taking place for seats on everything from your local school board to county commissioner or city council. We must not forget that a lot of the people we see in Congress tend to begin in these locally elected positions, so that candidate could be the next AOC! So pay attention to your local elections – change begins at home.

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Join an advocacy group for a cause you care about

Do you support restoring voting rights to the formerly incarcerated? Do you want more progressives in government serving your needs? Do you want to see climate change policies enacted in your city or town? Join an advocacy group and volunteer for causes you believe in! From non-partisan groups doing good to mobilize music fans like HeadCount to progressive causes like NextGen looking to empower younger voters or Latinx-led groups leading intersectional movements like Migente, there is a group that needs your help to make a difference and change the political landscape forever.

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Call your representatives

Let your state and federal representatives and senators know whether you support or are against something they have taken a stance on. Inform them of issues important to you. It is vital to democracy to voice your opinion to give your publicly elected officials an opportunity to do their jobs on behalf of their constituents. You can call the old fashioned way, or use a service like ResistBot to text them if that’s your thing. And trust us, they care about what people are contacting them about. Each office keeps a daily tally of what people are calling about. Your phone call, email, or text truly does make a difference.

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Consider a run for public office

Not seeing the change in your community? Feeling like you could probably do a better job? Join the resistance and run for public office. There are plenty of ways to figure out what job you’d do well in, but some of our favorite resources include Run For Something, She Should Run, and Matriarch to help you get your resources in order. The world needs younger, progressive candidates to represent their communities!

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