Unwrap Experiences: A Fresh Take on Gift-Giving

women and friends enjoying music

You probably don’t remember that sweater mamá got you 5 years ago for your birthday, but we bet you remember how crazy the party got! That’s what experiences are all about, making new memories that last a lifetime.

So instead of making a run for the mall or placing that last-minute amazon purchase, how about gifting your loved ones the opportunity to create fun and meaningful memories that’ll last much longer? Here are 8 quick ideas!

Buy a voucher for a fun indoor activity

Sometimes you need to get out of the house for a lil’ bit, which can get tricky in the winter months. Luckily there are tons of cool things to do indoors. Going indoor rock climbing or skydiving, testing your problem-solving skills at an escape room, a match at the bowling alley, a trip to the skating rink, a fun trampoline park, blowing off some steam at a rage room, or attending open mic stand-up night are just some of the activities you can consider searching for in your area that can make for a memorable adventure. Grab some tickets or a gift card for you and your primas to enjoy!

Get tickets to a concert or sporting event

No need to break the bank for this one (although seeing Bad Bunny live in concert would probably be life-changing for your prima, though). You can check out events, concerts, and sports matches near you to find one that might pique their interest! Nothing like bonding over screaming for their favorite artist or chanting their team’s name.

Plan a day trip

You don't have to go far for a memorable trip. Bet you there are many places in or around your hometown that you’ve never even been to! Invite your mamá to escape her daily routine with a day-long trip to that winery you’ve always talked about, that beautiful park just a drive away, or that restaurant she loved that one time and hasn’t had the chance to go back to. Pick a few spots to visit around town and enjoy your one-day holiday!

Prepare a night in

If your gift-receiver is a homebody who would much prefer staying in, setting up a cozy movie night or a fun board game fiesta is the way to go. Stock up on your favorite snacks, take out the lotería (or some fun drinking games if you’re feeling it), blast some cumbias and play the night away! Promise you’ll be talking about this experience for days.

Get them a membership card, subscription, or yearly pass

Depending on what their interests are, your friends and fam might benefit from a museum pass to see all the different exhibitions and events happening throughout the year, a gym membership to help ‘em get on track with their New Year’s resolutions, or even a subscription to a food delivery service that’ll help them catch a break from cooking every now and then. There are also state park and national parks passes that are a steal if you visit just two times. Truly a gift that’ll keep on giving!

Sign them up for online or in-person classes

Nowadays there are a million ways to learn a new skill, hobby, or even language. You can take a look at what courses are being offered in your vicinity or online. Maybe some bachata classes for your primo that has two left feet but has always wanted to learn? A course that’ll teach your papá how to paint with watercolors? Or better yet, sign them up for an online learning platform (there are many of ‘em both in English and Spanish) where they can choose their own courses and learn at their own pace.

The Luz Community has many video guides, workshops, and events, from cycling routines to tips on how to assure you’re getting paid equally. Sign them up for a Luz Community account or sign up yourself 'cause you deserve it, too!

Give back to the community

A meaningful experience for you, your loved ones, and those who need it the most, volunteering can be a wonderful way to give back to your community while enjoying the company of those you care about.

There are many ways you can volunteer. You can find a local soup kitchen that needs some help, reach out to a community center near you, or ask your local library if they have any openings. A quick search will surely have some interesting things pop up!

Donate to a cause close to their heart

What better way to celebrate this time for giving than to support a meaningful cause? Talk to your loved one about making an end-of-year donation in their name to an organization that needs your help. There are many Latino nonprofits that could surely use a hand.

Consider giving to Luz Media. With your support, we can keep creating stories that can change the media landscape for all of us.

That one crazy family get-together, that impromptu weekend road trip, the time you went out dancing with friends ‘til you were sore, and the very first time you went ice skating, are all experiences you will remember forever. So this year, how about we invest our time and money into living life to the fullest?