5 Latine TED Talks to Put on Your Listening List

A collage featuring Latine TEDTalk speakers:  Miriam Zoila Perez, Rayma Suprani, Raquel Perez, Melissa Villaseñor and Isabel Allende

In a world where change is rapid, and ideas evolve daily, these five Latine speakers bring forward compelling stories that range from daring political critiques to comedic brilliance, all delivered with fervor and authenticity.

From confronting societal issues to delivering barrels of laughter, these talks guarantee not just information, but genuine engagement and inspiration. Dive in!

Miriam Zoila Pérez: How racism harms pregnant women -- and what can help

Miriam Zoila Pérez, a Cuban-American doula turned journalist, delves deep into the intersections of race, class, and illness. They focus on the alarming impact racism has on black women and their babies and advocates for a radically compassionate prenatal care program. Beyond their talk, Pérez has dedicated their life to highlighting these issues in various publications and has heavily influenced a generation of activist doulas through their work.

Rayma Suprani: Dictators hate political cartoons — so I keep drawing them

Cartoons aren’t just fun illustrations but powerful tools of dissent. Rayma Suprani, a renowned cartoonist from Venezuela, portrays how her cartoons act as a mirror, reflecting society's truths. For her fearless stance against totalitarianism, she's faced threats and exile. Yet, she continues to wield her pencil in defiance of dictatorship, proving that art can challenge the most potent of regimes.

Raquel Perez: Representation Matters: Latinx in Mainstream Media

It's a plea and a declaration: representation is crucial, and stereotypes must go. Raquel Pérez dives into the ongoing misrepresentation of the Latine community in media. As she rightly believes, it's high time for a change, and her talk champions a more inclusive and accurate portrayal of Latinx experiences.

Melissa Villaseñor: How I found myself -- by impersonating other people

Laughter is universal, and Melissa Villaseñor's journey into comedy epitomizes this. From mimicking famous personalities like Sandra Bullock and Dolly Parton to making history as the first Latina on Saturday Night Live, Villaseñor's career is a testament to the power of embracing one's authentic voice. Her talk is a roller-coaster of humor and insight, a blend of life lessons sprinkled with hilarity!

Isabel Allende: How to live passionately — no matter your age

Age is but a number when it comes to passion. Celebrated author Isabel Allende's talk serves as a heartwarming reminder that zest for life doesn't wane with age. As she navigates her own fears and uncertainties of growing older, Allende inspires listeners to embrace life with passion and enthusiasm, regardless of age.

a Latina woman skillfully juggling the demands of family and work life.

Despite Latinas in the U.S. leading the charge as the fastest-growing group of entrepreneurs in 2023 and despite the rise of Bachelor’s Degree attainment among them, Latinas continue to feel the pressure of gender role expectations often imposed within Latino culture. A recent Pew Research Center study has shed light on just how much pressure Latinas in America are under.

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