Golden Globes - Still Not Enough Latinos

golden globe award in front of backdrop

It’s Golden Globes Sunday, and despite the fact that everyone and their mother seems to have COVID right now, they weren’t cancelled – just audience less. That means there will be no celebrities in attendance, which takes away most of the fun, tbh (we were planning to tune in for the outfits not gonna lie). But we’re at least glad that unlike the CDC they’re not scaling back on the safety measurements.

On a more substantive note, however, the audience will be as non-existent almost as much as their Latino nomination award line up.

2022 is arguably a much better year for Latinos at the Globes, but rightly so as Latinos killed it last year. The Globes have come under intense scrutiny year after year after their nominations continuously leave out actors of color. The Latino community is no exception, but it appears the Globes at least tried this year with Javier Bardem, Lin Manuel Miranda, Rachel Zegler, and Michaela Jaé Rodríguez landing nominations, among others.

But too little too late. If you’ve been keeping up with Hollywood drama you might have heard that the award show was being boycotted by celebrities anyway.

Their years of racism and unfair practices simply couldn’t be ignored anymore, which left people wondering, is this show even relevant anymore?

Variety’s director Mark Malkin said earlier this year, “Right now, Hollywood, for the most part, is not paying attention to the Golden Globes,” and regarding the lack of celebrity interest went on to say, “The Hollywood Foreign Press Association did try to get celebrities to come and announce the winners of this year’s Golden Globes. And no celebrity — no celebrity — said yes.”

The shade. Finally, an award that’s well deserved.

Of course, as fate sometimes has it, imagine that Latinos finally sweep their nominations in the year that not a single soul is in the audience and most celebrities declined to participate. ¡Qué mala suerte! We’re rooting for our people anyway.

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