The Señora Era: Embrace Your Inner Señora and Own It

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The señora era is a delicate thing - some rue the day we’re called "señora" instead of “mija” or “señorita,” while others are embrace the change regardless of age group.

Besides actually physically feeling it (how did I injure myself in my sleep?), we've come up with a few tell-tale signs that whether you like it or not, you've officially entered the señora era.

It's ok; you can still be called señorita while embracing your señora within, or just own it. The beauty of the senora era is that you also don't have any more fu*ks to give.

A clean house brings you unrivaled peace.

Woman walking down a hallway with cleaning supplies saying "ponte a limpiar"


Gone are the times when a drink with the girls brought you the ultimate form of blowing off steam, now your peace comes from a clean house. Nothing brings you to your ultimate state of calm like knowing your entire house is spotless.

You need your morning and/or afternoon cafecito to function.

Woman saying "cafecito breaks will last as long as they need to"


Mornings aren't just for cafecito anymore—instead, the señora era often requires a minimum of two cafecitos a day just to get you where you need to be. Bonus points if you drink it on a porch or with a fellow señor or two.

Your new favorite pastime is sitting in your yard doing... nothing.

woman sitting on a park bench


Did you ever look out of the window and find the women in your family sitting outside doing absolutely nothing? Well this is your time to shine, señora. Sitting outside, lost in thought, and being void of activity is your newest fulfilling hobby.

The best entertainment for you is looking out your window.

Woman pulling curtain aside to look out a window


Though many of us grew up in households being told to mind our own business, that didn’t stop mami from pulling the curtains aside and taking a peek outside. Whether it was stocking up on the neighbors’ chisme or just checking the weather, there’s so much activity out there! And you don't necessarily want to partake in any of it because watching is fun enough.

You have your home clothes and your out-of-the-house clothes.

Woman walking down a hall in a robe


Your new at-home fit consists of a comfy robe, a house dress, and/or “house shoes” for the day (perfect for both chores and relaxing), while your going-out clothes now consist of a floral blouse, straight or wide cut jeans with platform sandals or heels, and your makeup/hair perfectly done. Don’t forget the over-accessorizing with all the jewelry and your handbag.

Bonus Sign: You Can't Get Enough of the "Oldies" Like Ana Gabriel

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