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From treating indigestion to arthritis, our moms, tias, and abuelas have always been at the forefront of using homeopathic remedies to cure us. Here are a few of the remedies we remember from childhood that our matriarchal figures have passed on to us. They might not be 100% scientifically proven, but these DIY hacks have stood the test of time, being passed on from generation to generation. Maybe they work, maybe it’s a placebo effect, we don’t know. What we do know is that feeling the love from our caretakers always made it all better and that will stay with us forever.

Honey & Lime

Sore throat? No worries, grab some honey and lime and mix them together for the best soothing medication out there. It’s sweet, it’s sour, and it’s going to help you! Do we recommend you use it as a chaser to a tequila shot? Absolutely. It’s been said that the tequila will kill bacteria and help soothe the sore throat you might have.


Aching muscles? Our abuelas swear by the power of these tiny yellow flowers that grow freely in open fields. Once they are collected and dried up, you can add them to a pot of water and bring to a boil to extract their potency. Add alcohol for additional strength, make a compress, then place the towel over the achy body area for relief.


Now this one is definitely not our favorite remedy but our abuelas swear by it. They recommend we use garlic to treat severe coughs. The recipe is as follows: cut up a head of garlic, a handful of radishes, an entire purple onion and five ounces of lemon and honey. Mix them together and take a spoonful of this concoction three times a day. Beware the potency but get ready to feel so much better (and probably have stinky breath)!


The craze about the powers of CBD has taken over the internet as the next best thing for anxiety, depression and many other body ailments. Our abuelas have known about the power of cannabis for years. When their hands started to feel the strain of age (or just hard work) they knew exactly what to do. They infused their alcohol bottle with cannabis, and extracted CBD to rub onto their hands and soothe the pain of arthritis. Only thing we don’t have an explanation for is where they got the cannabis from…

Aloe Vera

Aloe has grown in popularity in mainstream brands but we remember our mamás growing Aloe Vera in their own backyard for personal use. From sun burn to hair health to indigestion, this plant seems to be a miracle plant for all ailments! We suggest peeling the skin and cutting it into strips, then placing them onto a plate and into your fridge for a nice, cooling relief after sunburn. For indigestion we recommend a smoothie of peeled aloe, green apple, pineapple and basil.


While coffee is revered as the drink of choice in Latinx households, we recommend you opt in for peppermint tea from time to time. Why? Peppermint can serve as a great digestive enzyme and help you with indigestion and stomach aches. Yes, we know – you’ll really need this one when you visit your mamá and all she wants to do is feed you her delicious, but let’s be honest, kind of unhealthy food.

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