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A woman enjoys a stunning view of river, forest, and nature from her rocky perch

For Latinas in the outdoors, it’s often rare to find a face that looks like theirs or a voice that sounds familiar. Because of the lack of diversity in the outdoors, several Latina hikers have taken it upon themselves to create spaces for them, and other women of color, to feel comfortable, represented, and educated when exploring nature. Here are five inspiring Latina women diversifying the outdoors who are ready to be your guide down any trail.

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person at table writing a letter

If you’ve ever started the year with what feels like a thousand goals in mind, but then ended the year feeling like you’d accomplished none, you aren’t alone. This happens to just about everyone at some point in their lives, because the truth is, life is unpredictable and plans can change from one second to another. However, to accomplish what you set your mind to isn’t impossible. And when it comes down to the how? There are some simple methods that you can try to stay on track with your new year goals.

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N95 masks

Last week, the Biden administration announced that to help continue to slow the spread of COVID-19, 400 million NIOSH-approved N95 masks would be shipped out from a government stockpile to pharmacies across the country. According to the Wall Street Journal, masks are now available at almost all locations that have also been part of the government’s vaccine distribution program.

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