Lido Pimienta's Call to Action for All Feminists: Reject Trans-Exclusionary Beliefs

Lido Pimienta's Call to Action for All Feminists: Reject Trans-Exclusionary Beliefs

Colombian-Canadian musician Lido Pimienta sparked controversy with her latest merchandise release, which features the phrase "Callate, Terfa" (Shut Up TERFs). The singer-songwriter has been vocal about her stance on trans-inclusivity and her support for trans women in the feminist movement.

Pimienta received backlash from individuals who disagreed with her position, but she remained steadfast in her beliefs. In a statement, she made it clear that TERFs (Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminists) are not welcome in her world.

The singer firmly believes in supporting all women, including trans women, who have played a crucial role in the feminist movement as liberators, revolutionaries, and part of the diverse fabric of feminism.

In her post, Pimienta called out TERFs for aligning themselves with systems of power that take away women's rights, particularly those who are the most vulnerable. She believes that rejecting trans women directly results from the cis-hetero-patriarchal-capitalist system, which exploits and abuses those who are not a part of the dominant group.

Translated from Spanish:

Message to disappointed TERFs: Thank you for taking the time to write to me, but we are on two different frequencies.

I support all women, and trans women support me. I'm sorry if you are just realizing this. Trans women have been integral to our struggles as liberators, revolutionaries, and part of the strong, rich, painful, heavy, complicated, brave, and abundant fabric of feminism.

I reject TERFs for having too much in common with the branches and systems of power that take away women's rights. As a group, you are demonstrating a strong alignment with the cis-hetero-patriarchal-capitalist system, which destroys, violates, exploits, and abuses those you call "biological women," especially girls and the most vulnerable whom you claim to "defend."

Your most notable argument is that trans women are "men in disguise." That is a weak argument that justifies and validates the destructive actions of men in power, who need the transphobic discourse and misplaced energy of TERFs to reinforce the rejection of everything feminist, femme, feminine, and also anything outside of heteronormativity.

Your argument only focuses on genitalia. It is a disgusting morbidity that you have, and it is the same one applied by hypocritical politicians around the world who reject drag queens reading stories to children, but sign laws where it is perfectly acceptable for a 15-year-old girl to marry a man of 50 years or more.

Women who give birth, men who give birth, people who do not recognize themselves as either male or female, and people who recognize themselves as both male and female, have existed since forever, even in the animal kingdom.

Seeing you call yourselves feminists and not recognizing trans women hurts me deeply because it makes me feel like we are not doing the task well.

Rejecting third, fourth genders, and non-binary existences is a HETERO PATRIARCHAL act. A direct result of colonization. Therefore, your disappointment in me, as you believe I am "anti-woman" for not being a TERF, is complete hypocrisy. I am a TRANS-INCLUSIVE FEMINIST; make it clear. You are TERF feminists. Just as there are classist feminists, racist feminists, and homophobic feminists, the complicated fabric of feminism.

I know I can delete these photos and pretend nothing happened, but these conversations are necessary for the collective good and for the posterity of truly inclusive feminism.

So please do not waste your time with me and review your philosophies. It's never too late; we can unite and be part of a collective struggle that aspires to real inclusion, a struggle for gender equality, for class equity: for anti-racist education, a struggle of indigenous wisdom in territories, from border-to-border anti-colonial.
TERFs are being used as instruments of the patriarchy voluntarily.

I am a trans-inclusive feminist. I am Caribbean, Black, and Indigenous. I do not come from privilege, and my voice is drowned out in the art and music industry, where people like me have very little visibility. Trans women are my companions, and I appreciate their wisdom and resilience, and I stand with them.

Thank you for reading, and thanks to my friend Catalina Ruiz-Navarro (Volcánicas) for helping me find the patience to understand that we have a much greater responsibility in feminism than I thought.

Lido Pimienta's powerful message on trans-inclusivity continued a much-needed conversation in the Latino community about the importance of inclusivity and equality in the feminist movement. It served as a powerful reminder to not only recognize the importance of trans-inclusivity in the feminist movement but to actively work towards a world where everyone is treated with respect and dignity, regardless of their gender identity.

Her Spanish-language post is below:

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