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a photograph of Gloria Anzaldúa with a hat with the sea behind her

In the heart of the Rio Grande Valley of South Texas, a beacon of hope and resilience was born. On September 26, 1942, Gloria Evangelina Anzaldúa came into a world that wasn't quite ready for her. As a Chicana, a lesbian, and a feminist, Anzaldúa was set to challenge a predominantly Anglo-American and heteronormative society in a way that would forever change the discourse surrounding queer and Chicano identities.

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Latina staring directly at the camera, set against a symbolic background that explores and challenges sexual myths prevalent within the Latino community.

Whether we’re explicitly aware of it or not, machismo is still a very dominant aspect of Latino culture. While strides have been made to dismantle machismo, it has had a huge influence on societal conventions that Latinos still live by. For instance, Latina women are still held to a different standard than Latino men in every aspect, and one of those aspects is sex.

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