Mayan Astrology: What are Galactic Numbers?

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Astrology has gained more visibility and credibility in recent years. No longer relegated to the late night infomercial presence of the past, astrologists are gaining fame and fortune in ways that haven't been seen in recent times.

The 12 zodiac signs that most recognize come from ancient civilizations. The first celestial coordinate system dates back to Babylonia in the first millennium B.C. Towards the end of the 5th century, Babylonian astronomers divided the ecliptic, the plane of earth's orbit around the sun, into the 12 zodiac sign system that we know today.

However, in Mesoamerica, our ancestors had a different way of doing things. You've most likely heard of the famous Mayan calendar. Unlike the zodiac system, Mayan astrology is based on yearly calculations according to their calendar. It's relatively common knowledge that these ancient civilizations were forward-thinking and incredibly advanced (don't let post-colonization tales tell you otherwise). Mayans were one of the most dominant Mesoamerican civilizations.

And so, their astrology system was just as sophisticated. It would take far more than this article to do this topic justice, so if you already know what your Mayan Sun sign is keep on reading, if not go find yours and come back, because we are now moving on to the next element of Mayan astrology: The Galactic numbers or Galactic Tones. To put it simply, your sun sign represents the personality you’re born with and your Galactic number represents the path you’re meant to take in this life.

There’s only thirteen of them; for the Mayans the number 13 is sacred (yep a complete 360 from it meaning “bad luck”), and each person is born with a number between 1 and 13. These brief summaries describe each number:


Mayan sign for number one

Or Unity, it symbolizes new beginnings. People born under these numbers tend to love starting new projects. Constantly inventing and innovating, these people tend to be founders or creators.

Those are the galactic numbers, but that's the tip of the iceberg for Mayan Astrology. These descriptions are a very brief glimpse into what these numbers might mean for your life. Did any of them describe you? Find out if that's your number with this Mayan Astrology calculator.

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