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Caution: Season 1 Spoiler Alert!

Gentefied has started filming for Season 2 and we are ready to tune in! Gentefied is a Netflix original centered around a family fighting gentrification in their LA neighborhood. The show captivated our hearts as we saw Ana fall in love with Yessika, Erik and Lidia have their baby and as Chris tried to figure out his identity. Created by Marvin Lemus and Linda Yvette Chávez, the show’s characters have complex identities and struggles on what it means to be bicultural.

With the second season underway we’re excited to find out what happens between Erik and Lidia while also wondering if Ana and Yessika will get back together. We’re hoping to find out good news about Pop’s deportation as the patriarch of the family, and we’re wondering if Chris will continue being the Chef for Mama Fina’s or go on to pursue different aspirations.

All in all, we’re excited to have a show that reflects our cultura back! There are too few shows so when one sticks around we’re muy excited! To get us ready for the second season of Gentefied, we’re doing a recap of the main characters on the show. For now all we can do is wait and rewatch Season 1! Valentine’s Day plans anyone?

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Joaquín Cosío as Casimiro “Pop” Morales

The patriarch of the family, Pop finds himself in trouble as the restaurant he owned with his late wife is in trouble of getting shut down. With a soon-to-be gentrified community and raised rents, he is unable to find new clientele and his usual customers are being priced out of the neighborhood, leaving Pop with little to no options. He finds himself questioning his life as his grandchildren support him on the journey to keep Mama Fina’s open. But will that be enough to keep Pop’s legacy afloat?

gif of Joaqu\u00edn Cos\u00edo saying "Me encanta!" as Pop in Gentefied on Netflix Giphy

J.J. Soria as Erik Morales

The character played by J.J. Soria starts off as a hardcore, machista type of guy but as the show goes on, we get to see the layers peeled back and his true nature come to light with a more sensitive, intelligent tone. With a baby on the way and the thought of potentially losing Mama Fina’s, Erik must figure out a way to keep both the restaurant and his baby’s mother in his life. It’s up to him to navigate his life with a new perspective.

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Karrie Martin as Ana Morales

Karrie Martin plays Ana Morales, an aspiring artist who struggles to connect with her mother. She reflects the generational differences as she pursues a career that her mother does not take seriously. While her mother is not outwardly against her relationship with Yessika, it is evident that Ana’s lifestyle is very different from what her mother envisioned for her. Ana’s character is complex in various ways as she navigates through different opportunities in her gentrifying neighborhood. It begs the question, can upward mobility Latinx people gentrify their own neighborhoods?

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Carlos Santos as Chris Morales

It’s not fun to feel disenchanted and Chris Morales, played by Carlos Santos, is feeling those exact feelings as Season 1 of Gentefied kicks off. His character gives us the opportunity to reflect on how out of place we often feel as first-generation or immigrants. Chris plays a chef who is navigating fine dining restaurants and ends up working for Mama Fina’s in what ends up being a questionable decision. His culinary background means making tacos al pastor but making it fancy – something the locals push back on while he dreams of owning his own fine-dining eatery one day to put his skills on display and make his overbearing father proud.

gif of Carlos Santos eating cereal as Chris in Gentefied on Netflix

Julissa Calderon as Yessika Castillo

Yessika Castillo, played by Julissa Calderon, has a strong relationship with Ana that we immediately become invested in. They have been in each other’s lives since young girls and they grow up to pursue a romantic relationship that leaves us gushing about their love. All is well, until Yessika’s activism takes a priority over supporting Ana’s grandfather in keeping Mama Fina’s doors open. Can you blame Yessika though? After all, we’re seeing our own neighborhoods being gentrified with $8 tacos pandering to its nonresidents.

gif of Julissa Calderon as Yessika in Gentefied on Netflix

Annie Gonzalez as Lidia Solis

Lidia, played by Annie Gonzalez, is the highly educated Latina that is aspiring to leave her neighborhood in pursuit of a better life for her and her baby, Erik’s son. Even with a baby on the way, Lidia is a strong independent woman that isn’t seeking validation from Erik or anyone else in her life. After all, she now has a baby to care for. We stan seeing a professional woman break glass ceilings, but will it come at the cost of her true love?

gif of Annie Gonzalez as Lidia in Gentefied on Netflix

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