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Portrait of a vibrant Latin woman in a colorful shirt against a sunny yellow backdrop.

The way we live today, with all its consumerism and social norms, can be traced back to the industrial revolution. This period of rapid change led to the rise of capitalism, a system that emphasizes profit and the production of goods on a massive scale.

As capitalism took hold, it brought with it a culture of greed and a constant need to sell and produce more. This drive for profit also led to the birth of many of the social norms and stereotypes we still see today.

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three Latina women representing the Mexican cultural group Pachucas

Dressed to the nines, defying norms, dancing to the rhythm of jazz, and shaping a revolutionary subculture in the mid-20th century - this was the world of the Pachucas. Not merely fashion enthusiasts, but active proponents of change, these Mexican women boldly stepped onto the stage of cultural history. Let's take a time machine back to the 1940s to the birth of this iconic movement, and explore the legacy of the Pachucas.

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a collage of latina fashion trendsetters

Maybe you’ve come across some of the latest fashion trends that resemble your mom’s closet scrolling through TikTok or at New York Fashion Week and the VMA’s, or even your favorite tia’s yearbook photos or your older cousins' outfits from back in the day. It’s not surprising that many of today’s trends are inspired by different generations of Latinas from different neighborhoods and regions. In reality, some of these fashion looks are actually cultural statements, and for many Latinas, it's an expression of identity and a merging of their multicultural lifestyle.

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