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Graphic design in collage style that shows a female mouth speaking into microphones on a background with the words: linguistic discrimination, stereotypes, accent, identity
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Colombian actress Sofía Vergara has had the spotlight on her recently due to the success of Netflix's latest true crime series "Griselda,” where she plays the titular role of Griselda Blanco. The series was the top show on the Netflix Global Top 10 list for three consecutive weeks since its debut.

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Graphic design showing a still from "The In Between" one of the Latino films in competition for 2024 SXSW Film Festival

The 38th South by Southwest Film Festival, simply known as SXSW, left us with many Latino films to check out. This year, the lineup included many different movies from Latino directors or starring Latino talent that left quite an impression. Here are the top 10 Latino movies that made waves at the 38th SXSW Film Festival:

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Writers' Strike Exposes Startling Inequality for Latino Writers in Hollywood

The most recent Latino Donor Collaborative report has highlighted the lack of Latino representation in television and film, with numbers dropping back down to 2019 levels. Despite being the largest minority in the U.S., Latinos continue to be the most underrepresented group in the media industry, making up only 9.29 percent of onscreen representation in streaming, 2.33 percent on cable, and 5.42 percent on broadcast.

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