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a collage showing photos of nutritionists and health experts christy wilson, hortencia jimenez, krystle zuñiga, nicole rodriguez, krista linares and gladys saucedo over a yellow and orange background

Navigating the health and nutrition landscape can often feel overwhelming, with so many diets, health tips, and fitness regimens to choose from. Fortunately, some experts have dedicated their careers to helping people understand these sometimes complicated topics, and teach their audiences how to spot misinformation and common myths, in addition to dismantling false ideas about traditional Latino foods and problematic body image beliefs.

With a fresh perspective on wellness, these nutritionists and health experts are delivering their expert advice in easy-to-understand ways:

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a chicken soup or "caldo" on a wooden table with cilantro and chili peppers on the side

When people think of Latino and Latin American foods, it's common for their minds envision dishes heavy in fats and carbs, like loaded nachos, chimichangas, or churros. These foods, though delicious, have contributed to a prevailing misconception that Latino cuisine is inherently unhealthy. However, this viewpoint fails to capture the depth, diversity, and nutritional wealth inherent in Latino cuisine.

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